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July 31, 2008

Another Great Day at the Box, I have a Great Job! Special guest appearance Will Blaker

Img_0122 Img_0121 Img_0123

On the left we have John, John has committed himself to Crossfit! He has informed me that he wants to take the one month challenge. The challenge begins August 1st, this is his before picture, in one month I will post up his after picture which after knowing John it will definitely be significantly different. John is a hard worker and is excited for this challenge, but not nearly as excited as I am, I can't wait to see John 10 lbs lighter with significant less body fat. Can't wait for the results! In the middle we have Gary with his girlfriend and also Ms Hawaii Nicole. Nicole is John's daughter, they are making Crossfit a family event. On the right we have Matt and Chris who after watching them workout twice seem to be extremely dedicated and ready to get in Crossfit shape. Gary, Chris, Matt and John too are all threats to watch out for in affiliate challenges to come.

Img_11291 You thought I forgot John! I didn't, here is a pic of our new member John with a tear in his pants. He fought through the breeze coming up his shorts and had a great workout.


Special Guest appearance Will Blaker from Crossfit One World came over for a WOD, Great job and thank you for all of your support.

Another special thanks to all of the Unlimited family who posts comments, thank you!

July 30, 2008

No 15k today+ Great performances from everyone= A Great day for me!


I thought I would start this post by having a picture of my fiance, she has been extremely dedicated to Crossfit which obviously makes me extremely happy, so I thought I would give her a little credit publicly and say how happy it makes me to see her and everyone else at Crossfit Santa Clara working so hard everyday to accomplish there goals!


A pic of the morning crew after a WOD


This is a picture of Dave Musgrave, Dave rowed a 1:30 500 meter today on his first 500m attempt ever! That is a damn good time for your first time Dave!


A new addition to the Crossfit Santa Clara community! Yu Ying (I apologize if the spelling is incorrect) is by far the most technique oriented person I have ever met. She brought in a video camera yesterday and recorded our entire basic movements course so that she could go home and practice. Now that is dedication! Welcome!

July 29, 2008

Our first .COM WOD at CrossFit Santa Clara....Helen!!!


A new pic of the Box


Our first .COM WOD HELEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


David is here leading the pack on the 400m run.

Great job to everyone who stopped in today!

July 28, 2008

A few Pics from the Day


Danny and I after a brutal WOD...As many rounds as you can in 20 minutes of 10 ring dips 10 clean and jerks 35# dumbbells then 10 burpees.


The late night crew after a workout. We have Ashley, Amir, David and Mounir in the blue shorts


Another satisfied Crossfit member, thats a great Crossfit face!

What gets you Pumped and ready for a WOD??

Im up late and thought I would post up one of my favorite videos, watch what this guys wife or girlfriend does to him before the lift!!

This is an extreme case of doing something to get you pumped, I prefer music rather than getting slapped a bunch of times in the face, but whatever works I guess.

July 27, 2008

Some New and Old Faces


On the left we have Tiffany (sorry for not having my boxes in yet and making you use that ugly yellow chair, they will be here soon) then Ashley followed by Mike in the back, they did a modified fight gone bad with the equipment that I have, the rest will be in tommorow. Great job today guys on your first Crossfit WOD.


Look!!!! Its Clay, a celebrity from Crossfit Unlimited coming by for a workout! We did as many rounds as we could in 20 minutes of 5 HSPU's 10 burpees to pull ups 15 clean and jerks 55 lb dumbbells. This was a hardddd WOD. Thanks for coming through today Clay.

July 26, 2008

Alot going on at the Box today! David started off my morning GREAT with a Mini Cindy handling business with 6 rounds!


First timer David taking on a mini Cindy, David pushed through this workout hard and even though he eventually switched to jumping pull ups he went as far as he could RxD which is a testament to his hard work and will power. David had not worked out for a while before this and even though I know he will be sore as hell for the next few days I know I will see him again asap. Great job today David and welcome to the family!


Another new face! The man on the left is Son, Son came with Danny (our first official member) today for a workout. Son and Danny blasted through a 3 round workout of 400m run/ 50 PP 45#/10 pull ups/ 10 knees to elbows/10 push ups. Great job guys! Hopefully we will see Son again soon, I know I will see Danny he drank the cool aid now he is an addict like me.


All I have to say is DURING WORKOUT


AFTER WORKOUT, the guy in the white shirt wimped out and didn't do the WOD he is just there for moral support.

This group performed the same WOD as Son and Danny above. They are: Legs on the front left are Patrick then clockwise we have Dave, Jamie, Ashley (my fiance) and ofocurse my moral support Al.

THANK YOU everyone for coming out today, the rest of my equipment should be here on Monday and we can finally start following the .com WODS. Get Ready!

July 25, 2008

A few new members getting in a workout!


Thats a Fast Kipping Pull Up


A pic of the Crew from today, Jamie on the left in the grey t-shirt had a hard time with this one but still pushed through the pain and completed the WOD. Great Job everyone!

July 24, 2008

Crossfit Santa Clara's 1st Member! Daniel Burde


Daniel Got his first muscle up today, rowed for the first time and learned the butterfly aka around the world pull up! This guy is an up and coming beast!


Daniel after his first WOD at Crossfit Santa Clara: We did 3 rounds of 250 meter row followed by 5 rounds of Cindy. Daniel got 15:06. He will do better than that the next we do this WOD for sure, just like me Daniel is very competitive.


July 23, 2008

Almost Done!! Check out the Wall Ball Girl

Img_0015 Img_00121_2