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November 28, 2008

GOING HEAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEADLIFTS

I hope you guys all enjoyed your Friday, I know I stayed as far away as possible from any shopping after seeing people lined up in front of Best Buy at 9:00am Yesterday!! We had a good class this morning and I'm excited for our Holiday Party Tomorrow!



THE UGLIEST SWEATER YOU CAN FIND! I recommend some random thrift shop then bring the sweater home and wash it a few times for the smell and peace of mind

A $10 gift for our gift exchange



Schedule for Tomorrow:

9:00am Regular Class

10:00am Open Gym or Practice what you suck at class

A little deadlifting action to get you guys motivated:


Workout for Tomorrow:

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 081013.

Please check your previous results and be prepared to crush them!


Dave Cohodes on Tenacity:

Fitness lives in the realm of intensity. If you don’t push yourself in the gym you would be just as good going to a globogym (to remain unnamed) and jumping on an elliptical for 20 min per day 3 times per week as our surgeon general states. We are not selling an image of a better body, we are not selling you illusions of grandeur that you might get bigger, or lose fat, or hell, maybe even get laid if you work out at our gym. What Cross Fit offers and almost guarantees is FITNESS. If you stick with us, you WILL get fit, and then those side effects like decreased weight, increased energy levels, excess happiness, and a sudden onset of continuous nights of restful sleep will all suddenly fall into your life. It amazing, we’re training you to be, dare I say, a better you. Cross Fit Santa Clara will get you there, but your side of the bargain is simple. Show up to work hard, show up with some TENACITY.

Pictures from Today:


Daves back!


Ashley deadlifting during the Mr. Joshua workout


The Friday morning Crew working off some of that food they ate

See you tomorrow!


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Hahahahahahahaa Ashley & Dre in the background make this picture hilarious.

im pretty sure ashley deadlifts more than me

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