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December 31, 2009




No Classes Tomorrow, get excited for the new year to come. Expect several changes at the gym, don't worry they are all good things.

December 30, 2009

Schedule for Tomorrow:

12:00pm Regular Class

Workout for Tomorrow:

It's about to be Brutal!!! Last workout of 2009!!!


Run a Mile

100 Pull Up's 

200 Push Up's 

300 Squats

Run another mile

A long time ago I would have looked at this workout and probably not have shown up....sound like any of you??? However in the last few year's I have really tried to motivate myself through these terrible workout's. Get excited!!! It's your last workout of 2009! Finish the year off right. I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow! I will be doing it with you as well.

December 29, 2009

Schedule for Tomorrow:

6:00am 1:00pm and 5:30pm Open Gym

If you come in at open gym be prepared for their to be no formal class structure or instructors. 

12:00pm Regular Class

Dave does some Overhead Squats, bodyweight 185#

Halloween 115 

Some Sumo Deadlift action

Halloween 116 

Just got in my new pair of Inov 8 shoes. The blue one's are badass. These shoes are light, comfortable, and don't have a huge sole. So far I prefer the blue one's over the black one's for Crossfit.

Halloween 117 

Cole was at full extension, this is a pic of him coming back down. 

Halloween 118

Took a pic of the new girl friend's at the gym today. Pam (left) and Sarah (right) handled some business today. I informed Sarah we definitely need her chest up more.


Workout for Tomorrow:

5 Rounds for Time of:

Run 200 Meters 

15 Extreme Hip/ Back Extensions (see video, these are harder than they look) 

3 Muscle Up's (sub....3 Pull Ups/ 3 Ring Dip's per MU)

Sport of Crossfit athletes.

Recover for a few minutes:

For time:

15 Squat Clean's @ 205# 155# 


December 28, 2009

 Regular Schedule Tomorrow, don't forget about 6:00am 


Found this on Crossfit Balboa, thought it was pretty interesting:





Great video, thanks Nicole!

Guy Gets Stuck Squatting - watch more funny videos

Today's workout wen't well. I switched the workout to hang power snatches at 95#, power output was higher. Good numbers were bodyweight for OHS and about 4-5 rounds on the met-con. 

Workout for Tomorrow:

Sumo Deadlift: ( narrow grip, wide stance)



As many rounds as possible in 4 minutes of:

3 Hand stand push up's (nose to the floor)

5 Burpees

7  2 Pood/1.5 pood KB Swing's                                                                              

Rest 45 seconds and repeat for a total of 3 rounds 

For those of you competing in Crossfit:

Row 1k for time: Goal time sub 3:20

Halloween 107 Halloween 108 Halloween 110 Halloween 111
Halloween 112 Halloween 114 Halloween 113

Halloween 109
 Warren from Crossfit Tribe/ Steve's Club in New Jersey. Really nice guy, thank you for coming out and visiting us. 


December 27, 2009


December 27th     Regular Schedule- January 29th

December 30th     12:00pm Class Only 

December 31st   12:00pm Class Only  

January 1st    No Classes

January 2nd and on Regular Schedule

Just got my Flip Video Camera working! Expect many many more video's. 

Here is one I took of Chris of his "Warrior Dance" before his workout today. Not going to lie, If I saw Chris on the street doing this before a fight I would be a little intimidated. 

Workout for Tomorrow:

Part 1) 

Overhead Squat  3-3-3-3-3                                                                                  

Part 2)

Run 400 Meters for time, fast as hell!!!!!!                                                           

Part 3)

As many rounds as possible in 4 minutes of:                                                         

7   Box Jumps 32"

7   Power Snatches @ 115# 75#                                                                               

Rest for 1 minute and repeat for a total of 3 rounds                                          

Extra Credit (those trying to compete in Crossfit): 

Immediately after you finish this workout:

Max squat clean thrusters at 185# in 2 minutes

December 26, 2009


Tomorrow's class will be at 10:00am, I apologize for the inconvenience. 

Workout for Tomorrow:

Max rounds in 4 minutes of:

5 Pull Up's 

5 Clapping Push Ups

5 Jumping Squats

Rest 30 seconds and repeat for a total of 4 rounds


Extra credit:       Tabata Rowing..... get over 1000 meters!

Halloween 105 

This is a picture of Daniel, our newest member. Daniel came in today and had some of the best movement I have ever seen for someone who has never done Crossfit. His air squat, front squat and overhead squat were on point! Daniel told me he had never really squated at the gym so I couldn't exactly figure out how his flexibility and strength were so good. I then asked him what he does for a living and this helped me get it. Crossfit is all about functional movements. Movements that were not created by anyone and can be seen in nature/ life/ our jobs. Daniel is a luggage handler for Southwest airlines and pretty much does deadlifts, cleans, jerks, and squats all day long. I look forward to watching his progress in the future. 

Halloween 106

400 meter walking lunge and squats...brutal!

What's up with Fat?

Found this article, thought I would share.

Fat has had a lot of bad press and for many people, just a mention of the word can evoke misery. You can try to lose it, try to hide it, try to avoid it, but your body still needs it! Did you know that fat helps to insulate our nerve cells, keeps us warm, balances our hormones, keeps skin and arteries supple, lubricates joints and is a component in every cell?

The key issue here is recognizing which type of fat your body needs, how much your body requires and which type is your enemy. Armed with the right information, you can focus on getting more of the good fats and less of the bad fats into your daily diet.

There are two types of fat to be aware of. Saturated fats - let's call them "the enemy" and unsaturated fats - "the good guys"! It is easy to tell the difference because saturated fats are hard at room temperature. Saturated fats are not essential to your health. They come from animals and are found in meat, eggs and cheese. They are harder to digest and full of cholesterol.

Unsaturated fats are liquid at room temperature and have been divided into two groups. Monounsaturated fats such as olive oil, and polyunsaturated fats such as sunflower oil. 

Polyunsaturated fats are split into Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6 fatty acids. Monounsaturated fat (Omega 9) although not essential, is not harmful in moderation - a good quality (extra virgin first cold pressed) olive oil is a healthier alternative to the usual vegetable oil. 

Good sources of Omega 6 are safflower oil, sunflower oil, evening primrose oil, walnut oil, pumpkin oil, and sesame oil. 

Good sources of Omega 3 are mackerel, herring, salmon, pilchards, sardines, tuna and flax seed oil. 
Here are some important facts about fat in our diet.

1. Fat is the 'energy reserve' of animals, plants and humans.

2. The ideal body-fat ratio should be approximately 19-26% of a woman's body weight, and 12-18% of a man's body weight. ( this could be argued, I believe)

3. There are two different types of body fat - brown and yellow. Brown fat is situated inside the body and is 'active', containing mitochondria that produce heat (thermogenesis) and as a result burn energy. Yellow fat is found nearer the surface, is less active and more likely to accumulate. Women tend to have a higher ratio of yellow fat than men.

4. Women need higher levels of fat because it is essential for reproduction and so the body stores it 'just in case'.

5. An average healthy intake of good fats in the diet should be approximately 30-40 grams a day (this can vary). The fat content of diets in affluent populations can be nearly four times this amount!

6. Most foods containing fat combine saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat in varying quantities. For instance, butter's fat content is almost 100%, of which 60% is saturated, 30% monounsaturated and 10% polyunsaturated, compared with sunflower seeds' fat content of 73%, of which just 12% is saturated and 21% monounsaturated and 67% is polyunsaturated.

7. Heat, light and oxygen destroy essential fatty acids, which is why it is best to keep oils in dark containers.

8. Essential fats must come from the diet because your body cannot produce them. The essential healthy fats are Omega 3 and Omega 6 (known as essential fatty acids).

9. Weight for weight, fat provides more than twice the amount of usable energy than carbohydrates or protein (you'll find 9 calories in every gram of fat).

10. Fat contributes to the palatability, texture and the smell of many foods, it also slows down the process of digestion providing an extended period of satiation after a meal.

When you know the good from the bad, fat is fabulous!


December 25, 2009

I hope all of you had a great Holiday!

Come in tomorrow and work off some of that food you guys ate.

Schedule for Tomorrow:

Open gym 10:00am and 11:00am 

Regular Class 12:00pm 

Workout for Tomorrow:

"The Day after a Big Meal Deal"

Make yourself a deal, complete one of the following of your choice for time. Yes, I am actually giving an option. Enjoy!


Row 1000 Meters 

then 3 rounds for time of:

20 Push Press (45#) 

15 Pull Up's


3 Rounds for time of:

Run 400 Meters

20 Ring Dips

15 Pull Up's 


Planning on taking Sunday off?

For a total of 400 meters:

Perform 5 lunges followed by 5 air squats until you finish 400 meters.

December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays! Enjoy your rest day.


Nor Cal Sectional registration is up, don't forget.


Who needs a Kettlebell???????????

Use a Turkey!!!

IMG_0127 IMG_0128 IMG_0131

December 23, 2009

Schedule for Tomorrow:

December 24th     10:00am Class Only 9:00am open gym

December 25th No Classes

December 26th    12:00pm Class Only

December 27th     Regular Schedule- January 29th

December 30th     12:00pm Class Only

December 31st   12:00pm Class Only  

January 1st    No Classes

January 2nd and on Regular Schedule

Special workout for Tomorrow at 10:00am, we will also have open gym at 9:00am.

"The Twelve Gifts of Christmas"

12 squats
11 Sit ups
10 Wallballs 20lb
9 Kettlebell swings 55lb
8 Burpees
7 Box Jumps
6 Deadlift 95lb
5 Hang Clean 95lb
4 Thruster 95lb
3 Racked Lunge 95lb
2 Front Squat 95lb
1 Mile Run

Begin with your 12 squats, then go back to the top and do 12 squats, and 11 sit-ups. Then back to top and do 12 squats, 11 situps, 10 wallballs...and so on until you get to the 2 front squat. Then you do the whole thing one last time and run 1 mile at end to FINEX. For Rx do all body-weight reps in unbroken sets, and do not put bar down between 95lb weighted sets.

Don't be afraid!!! Come in and have a great workout before the Holiday's begin.

December 22, 2009

Having trouble finding something to eat at all of these Holiday Parties, or to tempted with crappy food?

Here are some of the tricks I use.

Typically parties are at night. During the day I eat my normal meals allowing me to not be famished by the time I show up to the party. The worst thing is when you really don't want to eat crappy food but are so hungry that you dive in anyway. In addition, I like to drink a good amount of water before going making me feel just a bit more full. 

Stay away from the chips and choose veggies to dip with. 

Eat the meat products! My favorite are little meatballs. Stay away from the pound cake and pasta dishes.

Grab one drink and sip on it. I do this so that people don't pressure the hell out of me to drink even though they know that I don't drink very often at all. 

Talk outside, avoid talking right next to the food line (this is normally where most people if you check chat at for easy access)

Bottom line: Try as hard as possible to eat "real food" if someone had to make it, don't eat it. 

Workout for Tomorrow:

Back to a classic "The Filthy Fifty"

50 Box jump, 24 inch box

50 Jumping pull-ups

50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood

Walking Lunge, 50 steps

50 Knees to elbows

50 Push press, 45 pounds

50 Back extensions

50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

50 Burpees

50 Double Unders 

Getting ready for the sectional? KB swings are 2 pood, Push Press is 95#, Wall ball shots are to a 12 ft target. 



I have put this video up before but still am yet to find one much better that shows what Crossfit is. Check it out, send it to your friends.