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January 31, 2010

So what's up for the week?


I am working extremely hard at getting a new spot. I have said this in the past, but seriously we are negotiating on some places now.


We are in the final test stages of the online web cam....it is pretty expensive if you want good quality.


Tomorrow I will announce next week's workout for the Crossfit Weekly Challenge. Some of you mentioned that our member's didn't get an opportunity to participate in the workouts. You are absolutely correct and I will add in the workout of the week one day this week. 

Arrive at the gym tomorrow prepared to "DO WORK." 


Bottom line....if you want to get better at Cardiovascular/ Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance walk in the gym and get ready to hit it hard.


For some of your friends who go to the regular gym, pilates, yoga, or any other class please ask them to look at the list of characteristics above that we will be working on everyday. I'm sure they could point out a few there fitness program doesn't touch base on. 


It's amazing to me the results everyone has seen. For those of you who are not member's of our gym and visit this page and for those of you who are at work on a computer pondering whether or not to come in. Take time to stop by a Crossfit gym today. I had a long conversation with my friend about getting started in Crossfit. One thing to keep in mind as I have said before, it only takes a few days/weeks to make fitness a part of your daily schedule again. Take the time to come in, we will take care of the rest.


Workout for Tomorrow:


Overhead Squat 



Goal here is to go heavy!....find a good weight and attempt to hit all 6 at the same load, rest as needed. 


If you are like many members who can barely do the bar because of strength/flexibility or a combo of both don't worry grab a bar/pvc and do a ton of reps off to the side. Practice what you suck at here!


Followed by:


Run 400 meters        

15 overhead squats at 95/65#           

Run 200 meters                         

15 front squats at 95/65#

Run 400 meters

15 back squats at 95/65#

Run 200 meters

25 thrusters at 95/65#


Yes, we have done a lot of thruster's lately. Why? They work!! They are taking large loads very long distance, that's where the good stuff is at!


Mentally push through all sets....the goal here is to do everything unbroken!!!


Goal time 12 minutes

January 30, 2010

Videos to come:

The Muscle Up


Band Clean

Deadlift with bands

Tuesday I will announce next week's Workout Challenge, stay tuned!

Workout for Tomorrow:

11:00AM class only tomorrow

Team workout made on the spot by Karo!



Sal and Zack on there first day of their level 1 cert! Allen is hidden inside somewhere.

They are the guys in the back left.



January 29, 2010

The Results from this week's Crossfit Challenge are in!!

Thank you for all of the responses. My goal is to grow this thing tremendously. Please tell your friends to participate and even if they aren't doing it Rx'D, it doesn't matter!


Winner for Men's & Women's(95#) Rx'd (no one did it at 105#):

Tony DiBitetto (Crossfit Voltage) 16:48

Erin Cunningham (Crossfit Chicago) 22:20


The Rest of the Rx'd Submissions:   

2. Justin Moles 18:25

3. Darren Rosten 18:49

4. Andrew Garcia 19:44

5. Kyle Schnitger 21:15

6. Benny Ahlstedt 21:45

7. Jeremy Jones 22:34

8. Bryan Wadkins 23:33

9. Craig Howard 24:24

10. Eric Gohler 25:03

11. Chris Skafidas 25:51

12. Erick 26:38

13. Nick Perez 27:24

14. Jack Cotter 28:01

15. Ryan Flannigan 28:02

16. Kevin Penner 28:57

17. Dustin Price 30:49

18. Bill Cramer 30:52

19. Eamon Sylvester 37:53

20. Homer Maniago 39:49


2. Melisa 34:02

I am going to post everyone else's times who sub'd the workout under the comments section so you can compare your times if you would like.



Crossfit Santa Clara Member's:


We may be starting a 9:30am class soon, please post if you are interested in this.





Workout for Tomorrow:

9:00am Saturday Class


Tabata= 20 seconds on 10 seconds off for 4 minutes


Tabata Push Up's (regular push ups rest in a locked out position)

Tabata Shuttle Run

Tabata Jumping lunges in place (rest in a lunge if possible)

Tabata Rowing (can't stop rowing but need to hit the 20 sec hard)


January 28, 2010


Note: My wife is amazing and I should have introduced her earlier in my video yesterday. 


First off I want to remind everyone that we have a 6:00am class Tues and Thurs!!!!!! 


Secondly I want to know if any of you are interested in a 9:00am class, if so please post to comments.


PLEASE SEND IN YOUR NUMBER'S FOR THIS WEEK'S CROSSFIT COMP. WORKOUT! I want to know what you are getting. Tomorrow I will post the winner up.


Now for the fun stuff!!!

Our new Deadlift Creation....all for under $100. Thank you Andy for all of the help.


Game Plan


Measuring it all out 


The brackets we used can be found at your local hardware store. Orginally we had a totally different idea but this was much much easier. The ability to slide this in and out allowed us to put the bands in easy. 


We screwed down two pieces of ply wood to make the unit stronger and heavier so the sides wouldn't come up. 


Almost done, we could have stopped here but I had some extra rubber so we decided to add that.




At full extension, the board comes up very very slightly, we may just put some weights on the edges in the future. 

I originally got this idea from Westside Barbell, this is a cheap and effective way of building a deadlifting platform that can use bands. 

Workout for Tomorrow:


Shoulder Press 1    90-95% 1RM....Push Press this same weight X 5

Push Press 1 90-95% 1RM Push Jerk this same weight X5

Shoulder Press 1 90-95% 1RM....Push Press this same weight X5 

Push Press 1 90-95% 1RM Push Jerk this same weight X5

Note: You hit one rep then re-rack, almost immediately after hit the set of 5. There is no re-racking after you start the set of 5 until you finish!



Max Squat Clean Thruster's @ 135#/95# in 3 minutes

Rest for 45 seconds then repeat for a total of 3 rounds 

Note: If you are not completely burnt after this you didn't go hard enough! Please adjust your weight accordingly.


January 27, 2010

Teaching the Kipping Pull Up


Workout of the Day:


Snatch Practice


Run 200m

20 Wall Balls

10 Box Jumps

Run 200m with ball in hand

Max Rounds in 15 Minutes

January 26, 2010

So what is up in the near future? 

We are currently looking to expand. I am aware of how crowded some of the classes have become and am negotiating on a new place right now.

We just got in new equipment. As soon as the new place is finalized be prepared for a TON of new equipment.

I have purchased a new HD camera to stream live one class a day. This should be in effect hopefully by the end of this week. I will announce ahead of time what class will be filmed. 

Our Competitions once a week will be an awesome way to get people motivated!

New video tomorrow on the kipping Pull Up

Workout for Tomorrow:

Deadlift time!

We are going to try something new. 


Take your deadlift....the distance your bar travels from the floor to full extension. 

Divide this in to 2 parts. One being from mid shin (normal starting position) and the other is from just above the knees. 


Place weights under your bar to get it to the particular position needed. For example: Two red plates may get it perfectly right above your knee, someone else may need two reds and a yellow plate.


Perform 1-1-1 from the floor to a standing position (normal deadlift)

Then perform 1-1-1 from just above the knee to full extension


This is something new that I am trying, it goes along with Louie Simmons theory on accommodating resistance. Since most of you can lift more from knee height than from the floor we are missing out on a greater load where we could handle it due to our in ability to pull it off the floor. We will start using band's soon as well, Andy and I went to the store today and purchased the material to build a platform for it.

More talk on this when you come in.



Max reps in 1 minute of each of the following:


KB swings 1.5 pood


Jumping Pull Ups

Push Press w/ 45# bar


Rest for 45 seconds and repeat for a total of 4 rounds 

Burg Clean 003 

Damn Karo!!


January 25, 2010

Want to compete??????

Here is the scoop.

I receive many emails a day from people looking to improve their fitness through competition. They want to know what we do, how we do it, and what times we are getting. Here is my answer, partially got the idea from OPT.

Each week on Tuesday I will put up a workout, I will video tape standards and describe the workout. ANYONE from around the world can complete this workout with the standards I have set. They then can email their results to:




These results will be looked at and the winning time and individual's (male/female) will be named on our site that same Friday.

Eventually my goal is to find a way to get this more popular having several hundred people send in their times. At this time I will then require a video submission for verification. For now, their is no money involved, no huge following, and will not be a big deal. Eventually this will need to be done. If I think your number's are absolutely absurd I reserve the right to require a video before naming you the winner.

This is a great opportunity for those of you interested in competing in Crossfit to see how your number's hold up. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOUR NUMBER'S ARE SUBMIT THEM ANYWAY!!!!!!! I want to know how you do, this goes for anyone anywhere (must be RxD) If it is not RxD, send us a note on what you thought of the workout.

First Workout........submit your results by Thursday!

Note: Women's weight is 105#


Workout for Tomorrow:


Tabata Sit Ups


Max rounds in 3 minutes of:

5 Power Cleans @ 135/95#

4 Ring Dips 

3 L- Pull Up's


Rest for 30 seconds and repeat for a total of 4 rounds 

What is an L Pull Up....don't worry you can sub it many ways 

January 24, 2010

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Start your week off right and come on in!!


If any of you have any questions or concerns about anything to do with Crossfit Santa Clara always feel free to email me!!!! My goal, as well as all of the other trainers here, is to offer the best possible training available. If there is anyway we can help you further please let me know.


Workout for Tomorrow:


Front Squat


What does this mean? This means: Warm up to your 3 rep max and hit it 2 times, add weight then hit your 2's hard, finally add even more weight and finish with extremely challenging 1 rep max's.



Box Jump 24"

Thruster @ 135#/95#


This workout should be done in less than 14 minutes. Obviously at this load it would take some of you a lot longer than that. Please adjust the weight accordingly. However, I would rather have you start heavier and need to drop down than start to light and finish in 3 minutes.


We will adjust it tomorrow.



Practicing what you suck at?

I add in practice what you suck at work almost everyday, this is extremely important for your development as an athlete. I know many of you suck at certain things for a certain reason. Some of you may not have the technique down, others don't have the strength, in either case the key is to practice the movement that will most benefit you for the movement you suck at.

For example: You suck at a muscle up?

If you can do a pull up but not a ring dip lets start there. Practice the ring dip often and perform exercises that will strengthen your ability to perform one. If you are unaware of exercises that can benefit you for a specific movement please ask me!

January 23, 2010


Several of you have expressed an interest in being a Volunteer at the Nor Cal Sectional being held at Mitty High School on March 27th-28th. If you are not competing and want to watch the events (hopefully as many of you as possible to support our athletes) Volunteering is a great way to do it. Not only do you get free entry to the events but also a free t-shirt. As of right now the sectional is growing tremendously, this year we already have over 400 participants which means we need MORE volunteers. If you aren't busy and want to help out we would greatly appreciate it. Please register here.

If you are nervous about judging and do not want to judge people, don't worry. Register as a volunteer and we can find something for you to do.

Austin started this trend, then Freddy and now me. If you are an affiliate owner please post up this information and help us get more volunteers. 


Cynthia doin her thing!

Workout for Tomorrow:


As usual Sunday Team Workout! Created by Karo

January 22, 2010

Short and sweet tonight, just got in to San Diego.

Workout for Tomorrow:

Work the Muscle up technique, complete at minimum 30 assisted ring dips if you can not fully do one. If you can do one than attempt 30 times the muscle up.

Partner rowing workout:


While one partner work's the other is resting.


Partner 1 rows 250 meters. However long it takes him/her to row is the rest partner 2 gets. Complete this sequence for a total of 6 times EACH. 


We rarely do this type of cardio stuff but it has to be done, thought this would be a little more fun. Partner up with someone who has similar times as you.


If you don't have a partner.....rest 1 minute