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30 posts from April 2010

April 30, 2010

Haven't had a Chuck Norris quote for a while, so here it is:

The chemical formula for the highly toxic cyanide ion is CN-. These are also Chuck Norris' initials. This is not a coincidence.


Workout for Tomorrow:


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

Run 200 Meters

10 KB Swings

10 Wall Ball Shots


We offer a free workout on Saturday's, so come on by, check us out and get in a great workout!


Workout of the Week 14 Results:


Men's Rx'd

  1. Zach Miller (Panther Crossfit) -22.5
  2. Andrew Manderino –30.4 (No Video)
  3. John Mc Evoy –7.2
  4. Matt T. –5.1
  5. Andrew Garcia –5
  6. Ryan Flanagan –3
  7. Matt Ostiz 9
  8. Jack Cotter 26


April 29, 2010

I hope everyone's day went well. Mine was filled with eye hand coordination tests, lecture techniques, warm up drills and some other fun stuff. Tomorrow morning more of the intense testing will be happening.



Couple things:

Please always feel free to send me feedback on how things are going while I am at the gym and while I am gone. My (all of the staff's) goal is to make your Crossfit experience not only a badass workout but also enjoyable, please let us know if there is anything we can do.



Have Music?????


Bring it in somehow so I can put it on my computer and play it for workouts!



Workout for Tomorrow:


Partner workout time (well, kind of)


Technique work: Trainer's choice (possibly rowing technique)


20 Rep back squats


2k Row (yes 2k, its not bad at all, come in find a partner and commit to rowing it together...get it done!!!!!)


Small catch: While one partner rows the 2k the other partner must run 800 meters, this is more of just a way to keep your body moving. The 800 meter run will defenitely be done before the rower, however they will arrive at the most important part and encourage their partner through the finish.


THIS ROW IS AN ALL OUT EFFORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


April 28, 2010


The Under Armor Training facility in Tampa Florida:

So after about 8 hrs of traveling I finally arrived at the facility today. The easiest way for me to sum this place up is to say that it reminds me of the island on LOST only instead of weird stuff going on like dark creepy shadows killing people (have to watch the show to understand). It is an dedicated to badass athletes trying to get better. Young adults come here and live year round going to school and practicing their sport. This facility is specifically geared towards up and coming pro athletes or pro athletes themselves.


A handful of Crossfit athletes from all over the country were asked to come out here and learn new skills/ get tested on our skills. I am extremely fortunate to be a part of it.


So far today I only got to see a small portion of this amazing place, tomorrow I should have some more pics and info.


Part of the weight room


Not sure if you can see but this is a football field with square targets to hit at the end. Today we did a team workout out here.


One of the many indoor facilities they have on campus. I forgot to take a pic but the tennis facilities are inside of what looks like an airline hanger.



Today I was promised a snack on my flight. As usual I was excited for some free food. Unfortunately I wasn't as excited once I saw what they were offering. Every single item they gave me was a carbohydrate. It's pretty sad when this is such a common meal for so many people for breakfast. Hopefully one day people were turn the corner and get some eggs, avocado, and bacon....doesn't that sound so much better anyways?

Workout for Tomorrow:



Box Jump 24"

Hang Power Snatch @ 95#'s


This will be a fast smoker. Finish with an all out 500 meter row!!!!!!!!!!!


April 27, 2010

For the next few days I will be out of town at an Under Armor training facility. If you have any questions or concerns please email me or see Jaime in the back office. Alex will be teaching the majority of our classes so feel free to see him about anything as well.


New Shirts are In!!!!!

New-jason-smaller front  New jason back
New alex larger front  New alex back

These shirts are by far the softest one's we have ever made. They are American Apparel tri-blend (50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon) shirts that are super comfortable. The women's look extremely similar just smaller sizes obviously, unfortunately the pics we took today did not turn out, they will be up soon. 



This is the first of many new designs and types of apparel we will have, stay tuned. Jaime has taken over the apparel side of Crossfit Santa Clara, please see him with any ideas or feedback. 


Please see Jaime in the back to purchase. For those of you who are out of the area and would like to purchase one. Please send an email to jaime@crossfitsantaclara.com. Thank you



Workout for Tomorrow: 


Deadlift with a hook grip practice for 15 minutes 



As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:


5 Deadlifts @ 225 (scale appropriately)

10 KB Swings 2 pood 

5 Burpees 


April 26, 2010

Today was awesome. I had the privilege of seeing every class go down. Good day.



Couple of Random Cartwheels:


Pics 114  Pics 115  Pics 116  Pics 118  Pics 119  Pics 123

  Pics 124  Pics 127 Pics 128

Pics 129  

The 5:30 class getting down. Everything is scalable, push ups, wall ball shots, everything! Don't be afraid to come in, we will help you work at your own pace.


 Pics 126 

Music Mike shows us what you should look like after 20 rep back squats. Some of you may be thinking I am referring to him laying on the floor. I am actually talking about the fact that Mike is decked out in all Adidas clothing. His shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, and also boxers were all Adidas. I'm kidding about the boxers, I have no idea about that one.    



Crossfit Santa Clara's Workout of the Week 14:


Complete in 6 minutes:


1000 meter row plus your 1RM squat clean and jerk


Your score will be determined by subtracting your row time from your C&J weight. For example if you row a 3:30, this equals 210 seconds. You would then subtract your C&J weight which we will just say is 250lbs. This would come out to -40 as your score, the person with the lowest score wins.



Visit sicfit.com for more Videos



Workout for Tomorrow:


25 Push Press @ 95#'s

25 Pull Ups

25 Box Jumps 20"

25 SDHP's @ 95#'s

25 Pull Ups

25 Box Jumps 20"

25 Power Cleans @ 95#'s

25 Pull Ups

25 Box Jumps 20"


April 25, 2010

Announcing the 

2010 CrossFit Games 

! -video [





One of the several locations at the Home Depot Center for the 2010 Crossfit Games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





The Track

 The Tennis Court

This should be an amazing event!!!!!



Workout for Tomorrow:

20 rep Back Squats 



Max rounds in 4 minutes of:


7 Wall Ball Shots

7 Push Ups 



Rest 1 minute and repeat for a total of 2 rounds 


Immediately after you finish your last 4 minute round run 400 meters all out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 24, 2010

Random Fact of the Day:

With two forks and a charge, a pickle will emit light.

Workout for Tomorrow:

Team workout made up by Cynthia at 11:00am




Some So Cal Regional Info for anyone who is interested in going:

1) overview of the facility.

Map link to CrossFit Ethos

(949) 305-3334.

Map link to CrossFit Next Level Performance

(949) 276-1893

Map link to UC Irvine, Crawford Athletic Facility.

Map link to Mesa Parking Structure, UC Irvine (for our event).


2) Schedule of events.

Friday 7 May:

1000 - Volunteers arrive at CF Ethos

1100 - 1230 - Masters athletes check in at CF Ethos

1100 - Masters' Judges arrive at CF Ethos

1300 - 1500 Masters Workout #1 at CF Ethos

1330 - Volunteers for Registration arrive at both CF NLP

1400 - 2000 Team Check In at CF Next Level Performance

1400 - 2000 Individual Check In at CF Ethos

1600 - 1800 Masters Workout #2 at CF Ethos

1800 - 2000 Judges and Lead Volunteers meet at UCI Crawford Field with Judge and Logistic Leads

Saturday 8 May

0600 - Volunteer Check in at Crawford Field, UC Irvine

0700 - 0800 Remaining unregistered athletes check in on site.

0700 - Begin spectator/guest check in.

0730 - Welcome brief.  National anthem.

0750 - First workout check in begins for Masters (Stadium - this is their last workout), Individuals (Vista Field) and Teams (Crawford Field)

0800 1st Heat begins.

Approx. 1025 Masters first workout ends

Approx. 1140 Team and Individual first workout ends

1320 - Second workout check in begins

1330 - Second workout begins for Individuals (Crawford Field) and Teams (Stadium).

Approx. 1530 - Individual workouts end

Approx. 1800 - Team workouts end.

Sunday 9 May

0750 - Team heat check ins begin

0800 Team workout heats begin

1050 - Individual heat check in begins

1100 - Individual workout heats begin

Approx. 1225 - Team workouts end

Approx. 1335 - Break for last two finals heats

1400 - Finals check in

1410 - Last two heats begin.

Approx 1445 Individual Finals end.

Approx 1530 Awards / Close

April 23, 2010

Random Quote:


"Whoever said nothing is impossible must have never tried slamming a rotating door."   Author (Sai Priyanka)


Schedule for Tomorrow's free class:


9:00am Class 


(I will make up the workout on the spot depending on what you have all done this week)



Photo (26) 

Get out of your comfort Zone!!!

This is a picture of a swimming facility I went to today in Los Altos. China (Regional Competitor, Crossfit Unlimited member) and Scott (head coach of Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics) worked with me on my technique today. According to them, "I didn't look that bad"! However, swimming is hardddd!!!! Sometimes I feel like I have become almost adapted to the intensity and movements of Crossfit since I do it so often. Stepping out of my comfort zone and swimming was a great idea today. I haven't felt the type of cardio burn a 50 meter freestyle sprint offers in a lonnnggg time. I would get about 30 meters and almost not be able to breathe. It was an awesome experience and I will definitely do it again. The point I am trying to make is, step out of what you like to do and practice something new. Maybe try running a 10k, maybe set a goal to get double unders, there are hundreds of examples I can think of. 


Workout of the Week 13 Results:


Men's RxD

Another Awesome performance by Zach Miller! Many of his burpees are slightly in question here, however his performance was awesome and he put up a great time. 


I would also like to put up Erik Hayes video, he kept his ROM very legit. Nice work.



Zach Miller  3:44 

Chris Lillie  4.04

Erik Hayes   4:11

Mike Lamanna   4:14

Jake Howard 4:15

Andrew Manderino 4:31

Jonathan Laniel 4:43

Bruce Elsey 4.48

Drew Hinnant 5:09

Dave Lorenzo 5:33

Nicholas Wall 5:44  (Thank you for your service in Afghanistan)

Kevin Tarleton 5.56

John mc evoy - 6:19

Matt T - 6:45

Women's Scaled:

Mary Swiger   6:41 75#'s

Teri Elsey 7:29 75#'s

Teri Hasten 7:50 75#'s

Michelle Shepard 6:44 65#'s


April 22, 2010

Random Fact of the Day:


More than 50% of the people in the world have never made or received a telephone call. 


 9:30 classes on Monday and Wed only for now



Workout for Tomorrow:


20 Rep Back Squats, 5lbs more than Monday


5 rounds for time of:


Row 400 meters

25 Hip Extensions

25 Sit Ups (on the floor)

10 Thruster's @ 95#



April 21, 2010

Tomorrow's 12pm Class will begin at 11:45pm. I will be leaving at 12:45pm for San Francisco to purchase some new equipment.


Random Fact:

Non-dairy creamer is flammable.


04-24-10 SJSU Womens Self Defense Seminar 

Crossfit Moxie is holding a Women's self defense seminar this weekend. Please email or call the number above for more info. 


Photo (24)

Nose Bleed's:


So unfortunately tonight my wife and I witnessed first hand the best way to stop a nose bleed. Ashley fell off the GHD tonight and hit her head pretty damn bad (actually ended up breaking her nose), we immediately took her to the hospital. My first thought was to have her tilt her head back??? That is what I have been told all of my life, haven't you as well? Robert suggested leaning forward so the blood drained out. That sounded like a good idea as well so we went with that. I then called Trevor (firefighter) who tells me to not lean back but instead stay upright and pinch the nose to clog the blood, this re-confirmed what Robert said. Finally we get to the hospital and they give Ashley one of the nose plugs that I am pictured wearing above. So, long story short. 

The best way to stop a nose bleed is:

The fastest way to stop it is to lean over a sink or sit with your head bent down (just make sure your head is not tilted back), pinch your nose just under the bridge and hold a tissue under your nostrils. This causes the blood to clot and will make it stop faster than if you tilt your head back or lie down. It will stop eventually if you do those things, but you can swallow a lot of blood (kind of gross) and it can feel like you're choking. It will also take longer this way.

Don't blow your nose (unless it's just a tiny bit of blood). Avoid blowing it for up to a few hours after the nosebleed, especially if it was a severe one. This will break the clot and can cause more bleeding. Instead, carefully clean the blood away from the outside of your nostrils with a wet tissue or Q-tip (don't stick it up your nose!).


Ultimately you can wear one of those nose plugs above and you are good to go!!



One way I will help to never have this happen again is to purchase a new GHD tomorrow. I had been looking in to it for a while but finally will go pick it up tomorrow. The one on the right is similar to the one we will be getting, our current ones look like the one on the left. As you can tell the right one is far more secure especially when you see it in real life.



Workout for Tomorrow:


Push Press 1-1-1-1-1


Practice what you suck at work 


3 Rounds for time of:

15 Hang Power Cleans @ 135/95

15 Burpees