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June 17, 2010

Crossfit 002 


The Nvidia Crew! 

Here is a pic of Crossfitters from our facility and a few from Santa Cruz who all make up "The Crew." These guys push hard everyday and push each other to come in and get in better shape. It's awesome to see co-workers come in and work together outside the gym. Have a co-worker? Bring them in and show them exactly what you talk about all day (or at least what I would talk about all day if I had a different job).



This fires me up, check this out!!!


  Pics 004

A pic of Yuriy (a Paypal Crew member). This is a picture of him squatting close to 200lbs at full dept (pic was a bit late). When Yuriy first started with me a few months ago he looked like this:


WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Please remind me to videotape you so that we can compare in the future!


Workout for Tomorrow: 


If you have not done your Back Squat 1RM please do so.


Bent over Rows 



This is a great way to finish off the week:


Complete 1 Thruster @ 115#'s the first minute

Complete 2 Thrusters @ 115#'s the second minute


Continue this process until you can no longer make it in the 1 minute time frame. Some of you may remember this from a while ago, awesome workout!!!!!! 



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Yuriy, I still remember your first days at the box, and you've come a long way. You've not only lost weight but gained strength and to backsquat 22# to almost 200# is quite an accomplishment! Awesome work!

J, looking forward to these thrusters tomorrow!

From 22# to 200# in a a few months? WHAT?! WOW!

Thanks guys... coming to CF was one of the best decisions i've made in my life... i'm in the best shape i've been in years, and only looking forward to getting better (it's very easy to stay motivated with all great support from everyone in the box).

BTW... max'd @235 today


Yuriy, congrats! You've been putting in the hard work and it really shows. Keep it up!

Yuri good work i follow santa clara, from pittsbrgh, but i do crossfit at a globo gym and see horrendous squating everyday i wish they would see this video and then look at your pic to see what good form can do to your squat in little time when preformed correctly. keep it up

235!! what are you smoking man?

This really is super progress. congrats!

Way to go Yuri!

that is awesome Yuri! Good work!

Wow, Yuriy - that's great!

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