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August 31, 2010

Jaime aka General Manager aka local gym badass has created a new way to compete. It is called the Beatdown. Basically the way it works is that there is a workout posted once a month, you pay $10 and can submit your time for the workout as many times as you want. You will also be able to see what other people get, so if John gets 5:02 and you had 5:03 it gives you motivation to get in there and hit it again. The winner takes home $100 which can donated to Wounded Warriors or kept. 


The idea sounds pretty awesome, for more info or to participate please visit.\






Check out Daniel!!!!!!!!!! Daniel has made some huge strides since coming to Crossfit. It's amazing what this stuff can do. Congratulations Daniel!



Fatmandan  SkinnymanDan




Few pics from Today:



Pics for site 013
Pics for site 014
Pics for site 017  

Happy Birthday Stacey!!!!!!

Pics for site 016
Pics for site 012
Pics for site 015
Pics for site 018



Workout for Tomorrow:



Find a new 1 Rep Max Power Clean 



Get to 20!

Complete 7 Burpees (touch the ceiling beams) with the rest of the time remaining in a minute perform 20 push ups. Once you reach 20 push ups you can rest. There is a 30 second rest in between rounds. 


Complete this for a max number of rounds while being able to get 20 push ups. If you can not get 20 push ups than complete 7 rounds. 



Please note that this workout may be adjusted.




Funny Commercial of the Week:


August 30, 2010

Question for anyone:

What type of movement do you have a hard time with that you would like us to explain more and make a video tutorial on? Please let me know



The running and endurance classes are cancelled until further notice, all other classes are the same. 



What is coming up soon:

1) We are having a member appreciation BBQ on Monday after the 11:00am Class. (This will be our only class of the day as well for Labor Day)


2) This weekend Crossfit Santa Clara will be closed for a certification. Our weekend classes will be moved to Crossfit Mountain View (same schedule)


3) We signed up a team with the Weekend Warrior Series and need to find out who wants to fill the team, so far very few of you have responded. Please let me know! 

4) We have decided to participate in the event "Barbells for Boobs" http://barbellsforboobs.org/  Raising money for Mammograms in Action. My goal is to help raise money for their cause. Please visit their website for more information. We will be hosting the workout "Grace" on October 30th in honor of their cause. 




Just got in some new stickers if you would like one for your car!




Freddy from Crossfit One World made his debut on Sicfit.com today. Here is a link to his "Tactical Crossfitter" Post. http://sicfit.com/blog/15616-The-Tactical-CrossFitter


The first Crossfit workout I had ever done was at Freddy's gym...memories! Can you believe that the first workout I ever did was Fran. I had to sub the pull ups...that's right several years ago I couldn't do 45 pull ups...crazy what Crossfit can do!



Workout for Tomorrow:



Perform 1 Pull Up the first minute 2 pull ups the second minute 3 pull ups the third minute. Continue this process until you can no longer complete the pull ups in the time allowed. 


Can't do pull ups? No worries, come in and we will work on technique, possibly use bands or jumping.


After the Pull Up's:


Max Sit Ups in 2 minutes 

Max Reps in 5 minutes of 95# Shoulder to Overhead 


Don't forget your mobility WOD for today also 


Little kipping pull up video for you guys, try and review before you come in please.


August 29, 2010

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.


CrossFit Santa Clara has a new member!


Congratulations Fred!!! Future fire-breather, Sidh Nicholas Hsu was born last Friday at 7:30 am.



Have any pictures of your travels? Send them in! 

Sweet handstand picture of Cole in the middle of a forest in western Massachusetts while on an off roading adventure.



Don't Forget about the barbeque/workout on Labor Day.


Workout for tomorrow:


Every minute on the minute perform 10 box jumps (20"), in the remaining time, perform max front squats (135#/95#). Repeat this cycle until you have completed 100 front squats.

Mobility WOD for tomorrow:

August 28, 2010

Awesome Saturday Class!

We had almost 40 people getting it done today. Great to see the Mountain View and Santa Clara crews coming together with all of those who were new to CrossFit.

Some Pics from today:


Band resisted runs

Band run  


Kettle bell swings

KB Swings  

Kb 2 

Good old fashioned running





Reminder, CrossFit Mountain View is closed on the weekends. Weekend workouts, for BOTH GYMS, will be hosted at CrossFit Santa Clara. Also, keep in mind that CrossFit Mountain view has its own website (www.crossfitmountainview.com) and a slightly different schedule.



Workout for tomorrow:


Team workout designed by Sal.



Mobility WOD for tomorrow:



August 27, 2010

Hope everyone enjoyed the workouts this week. I know I'm pretty beat up from the week, especially the sprints! Enjoy your weekend!!!! Let's hit it hard next week.


A few pics from this morning: Sorry I didn't get everyone for the rest of the day, I had to take off for a Cert in LA.


Pics for site 003  Pics for site 004
Pics for site 005  Pics for site 006
Pics for site 007  Pics for site 008
Pics for site 009  Pics for site 010  Pics for site 011 


Free 9:00AM Saturday Class with Alex. Anyone can come! Especially those new member's at Mountain View, come on by.


Workout for Tomorrow:



You have 2 minutes to complete a 200 meter run plus as many KB swings as possible.


Rest 1 minute and repeat 4 times. These are all out efforts, for several of you the main goal may be to simply run the 200 in 2 minutes.



Mobility Workout for Tomorrow (Don't forget):

August 26, 2010

Run on Saturday with Cynthia!!!!!!!!


Message from Cynthia:


We will be running at Shoreline Park in Mountain View, nice easy run with plenty of interesting scenery - the Baylands, a variety of marsh birds, the paddleboats on Shoreline Lake and small planes on approach to Palo Alto Airport. We will meet at the parking lot just past the entrance (where the kite-flyers gather) at 8:30 am. 

To reach Shoreline at Mountain View directly from the south, take Hwy 101 to the Shoreline Blvd. exit. Shoreline Blvd. leads directly into the main entrance of the park. From the north, take Hwy 101 south, exit at Amphitheatre Parkway, then turn left at Shoreline Blvd. to the park entrance. 

Please post to comments or email/text Cynthia if you are planning to come.





The where the hell have you been list??????


Lee, Kim, Dev, many of the new member's????


Taken a few weeks off??? Come on back in!!!!!!!!




Just received this pic from South Africa! Awesome work guys!


IronCross TrimPark (ICTP). From left to right we are: Anekke de Beer, Craig Lourens, Chad Theron, Mariska Pretorius.



Own an affiliate, workout at an affiliate, workout in your garage?????? Send me a pic from anywhere in the World.



Pics for site 001 


Rick doing his thing on the second-third pull!!!!!! Nice work bro!



Workout for Tomorrow:



Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1 



3 Rounds for Time of:


Run 400 meters

50 Hip Extensions 

50 Sit Ups 




Mobility WOD for Tomorrow:


August 25, 2010

Our shower is currently out of order, this will be fixed asap! I apologize for the inconvenience.


Cynthia recently posted this, I also found out about a new website yesterday from K- Star. Until Kelly decides to stop, I would like all of you to do a mobility WOD (workout of the day) in conjunction with our workout of the day.


Kelly is not only extremely knowledgeable but is also a super cool guy. I have had the great opportunity to work with him a few times. His insight comes from years of education but more importantly (in my opinion) is his experience in the field. Kelly owns Crossfit Santa Francisco and workouts with patients everyday to make them move better. We can all use his knowledge!



Mobility Workout Everyday!!!!!






Speaking of Mobility....don't forget about Melinda's Mobility Class tomorrow at 5:30pm  



From the Vault...aka an old pic  

Crossfit pics 278

Trevor has lost a ton of weight and gotten in a lot better shape, thought we could throw this pic up in honor of his accomplishments.


Diablo Challenge

From the Vault part two...Gautham getting crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Speaking of which, come on in Gautham, haven't seen you in a little bit.



Workout for Tomorrow:


Hang Power Snatch 1-1-1-1-1



Max rounds in 20 minutes of:


5 Pull Ups

5 HSPU's

5 Full Squat Snatch @ 135#'s


August 24, 2010

Nice workout today everyone!!!!  



Workout for Tomorrow:


Sprint 100 meter's 10 times with a 30 second break in between




For time:



Kb Swings

Box Jump's 20 inch  



Some sprint technique talk:


90o and fists swing towards forehead.

Sprinting technique - start phase

iv) After first two strides, foot touches down in front of center of gravity.
v) Forward body lean begins to decrease until normal sprinting position is reached after about 22 yards (20 meters). Head is relaxed, eyes focused straight ahead.

Sprinting technique - acceleration phase

vi) Push-off angle from ground is ~50-55o. Trunk is almost erect with ~5o forward lean.
vii) (Midflight) Push-off leg folds tightly towards buttocks in a relaxed heeling motion. Front leg thrusts forward and upward at maximum speed (~44mph in elite sprinters). When front thigh reaches maximum possible knee lift, lower leg swings forward in a relaxed movement. 
viii) Foot meets ground with ankle slightly extended (plantar flexion) directly under center of gravity. Bodyweight is balanced so that only the ball of the foot touches the ground. 
ix) Shoulders remain steady, elbows flexed at ~90o, kept close to body throughout all phases. Hands swing forward and up above shoulder height, down and past hips. Arms and hands should have an aggressive hammering action. Head aligns naturally with trunk and shoulders and facial/neck muscles are relaxed by keeping the mouth slightly open.

Sprinting technique - maximum speed phase



Silicon Valley Small Theatre Awards: 




Artists to watch for next season:
 Michael Johnson, Sarah Griner, Katie O’Bryon, David Mister, Dan Singletary (Musical Direction and Sound), StirFry Theatre (Company debut of Falsettoland), Casey Semple, Robert Campbell, Jennifer Jane Parsons, Mathew Lai, William J. Brown III, Chris Carter.


Just wanted to send a quick shout out to Robert for making the "Artists to watch list" nice work bro!!!!! Please let us know when your next show is.



Video 064

Everyone workin their ass off!

Video 066 

Tony got his first Muscle Up!!!!!!

August 23, 2010

Crossfit Mountain View does have an separate site for the time being...crossfitmountainview.com  



New Equipment at the Gym Today!!!!!!!!!


I was like a kid on Christmas.... Today we got in 14 new bars (2 of which are these badass military colored bars). We also got in a bunch of wooden rings that are awesome, a ton of plates, jump ropes, ab mats, and not to mention a reverse Hyper!!!!!!!!!


Video 060

Video 061

Video 062 


Awesome 5:30 class, about 25 people, great work!!!


Workout for Tomorrow:


Back Squat 5 reps at 75% of 90% of your 1 Rep Max, 5 Reps at your 80% of your 90% 1RM, and finally finish with 5 plus as many reps as possible at 85% of your 90% 1 Rep Max.....please come in with your weights determined ahead of time if possible. 



Perform Max Wall Ball Shot's in 7 Minutes


For every time that you drop the ball (you can hold it) you must perform 1 burpee. Time to make a choice? Drop the ball or not????




What the hell is a reverse hyper? 

This machine allows dynamic strength development in the concentric phase, while serving as a rehabilitation mechanism in the eccentric phase. This is done by gently stretching and depressurizing the spinal column with spinal fluid and the low back muscles with blood.

Louie Simmons broke his back...with this machine he now back squats and deadlifts twice as much as anyone at our gym and he is more than twice our age. 





August 22, 2010

Please remember, there is no Oly class tomorrow



Crossfit Mountain View will be open for a Noon class if anyone wants to go tomorrow. 



Also, I would like to put a team together for the Weekend Warrior Series, please let me know if you are interested.



BBQ Time:




Crossfit Santa Clara/ Crossfit Mountain View will be having a BBQ for Labor Day



Location: Crossfit Santa Clara

Date: Sept 6th

Time: 1 pm or so, we will have a workout at 11 then everyone can hang out grab some food and drinks.




Workout for Tomorrow:



Bench Press, speed reps, 8-10 reps a piece for 5 sets



Step 1: Grab a partner

Step 2: Walk outside with a barbell loaded up to 135#'s or what you can manage 

Step 3: One person runs 300 meters while the other perform's max clean and jerk's...the timer is the runner, we will go for 15 minutes. The team's score are your combined reps.

Step 4: Go to war against the barbell 




The rings are awesome, for anyone who has been on them you know how difficult they are. Imagine doing this routine!