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October 25, 2010

Haven't came in for a while??? Get back in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I hope a few of you had an opportunity to get better today at the movements.


I will be back in town on Wends night. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns. In addition if you have any good feedback on what we can do better please let me know at anytime!



Workout for Tomorrow:


Bench Press time. I know I know....we have to do it sometimes, I know how much a few of you love it.


Game plan.....Find a few friends to bench with, pick a weight that seems moderate. A weight that you can do 7-10 times in a row. Get in a line, have a few spotters and hit your sets hard. The movement should be controlled but fast. You should continue until your speed starts to slow down and you pause anywhere. The movement is quick and effective, continue for 5 sets each. This should be about 40-50 reps.


5 Rounds for time of:


7 Push Ups

7 Pull Ups

7 Shoulder to Overhead w/ either 2 45# db's, 1   2 pood KB, or 1 barbell with 115#s on it. Your choice!  



Check out the video below. This was from the event I was at a few days ago. Cloooooseeeee Finish! 



Video Downloads

Event 2 At The Team Rogue Vs. Team Again Faster Tahoe Throwdown

Download as QuickTime.
Download as Windows Media.




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"Paddleboard Cam" with Jason Khalipa @ http://www.crossfit.com/mt-archive2/007210.html was quite entertaining :)

hahaha ya that is a funny ass video

Keep in mind that was a team event and I grabbed on because my teammate was going faster than I could go on my paddleboard with his canoe

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