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October 27, 2010

Schedule for Sat:


There will be no 9:00am intro class, instead please feel free to bring your friends at 11:00am for our Barbells for Boobs event!



Please EMAIL YOUR CONTACT INFO to Jaime@crossfitsantaclara.com

We are trying to put together an email list to send out important info and changes in our schedule.



I came across this pic and thought it was awesome! One of the best things about Crossfit is the community. I try my best to create this atmosphere by having the chill lounge upstairs and community events. However the event below and many other's I have nothing to do with. It's great to see everyone hanging out together. A Crossfit gym is not only a great place to get fit but also meet new people, network, and possible find your future wife/husband ha.





Workout for Tomorrow:


Lets make it the Thursday Surpirse!


I will be teaching every class tomorrow other than the 6:30pm regular class due to the On Ramp and 9:00am due to a conference call.  

We will check out how many people come in, what the crew is "feelin" and have some fun. 




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Welcome home Jason! Hope cabo was awesome. Glad to have you back. Rick did a great job while you were gone.

Great to hear! Ya I have been all over the place. 6 flights in a week.

Can't wait to see everyone soon.

great, now i won't be able to sleep tonight because i'll be thinking about the workout

Me too. I wanted to come in today but was too sore to even walk. Welcome home Jason! Please be nice to me tomorrow! (yeah, right)

Jason!!! Hope you had a great vacay. And the one day I think I'm actually gonna take a break you will be there all day !!!!

Welcome back, Jason! Looks like you had a great time, hope you brought us back some sushi ;)

Not gonna make it in today brother. Ill try to see you over the weekend.

Welcome back Jason. Let me pile on some more praise on Rick and Jaime. They did an awesome job while you were gone. I'm proud to say that I can actually do unbroken kipping pull-ups now.

Its good to have you back Mr. Khalipa. So how does it feel to be dark? LOL.

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