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31 posts from October 2010

October 21, 2010

4 people got their first Muscle Ups today with Rick coaching!!!!!!!!!! I love to hear it. I will post up the pics asap!


Workout for Tomorrow:


Back Squat 225  20 times for time. If you are unable to do this, no worries, please adjust the weight to something that is challenging yet doable for 20 reps.


The goal here is to move fast but have to push hard! I urge you guys to please not pick a load that would be "simply" push your limits a bit. Please keep in mind that this is 20 reps UNBROKEN! Please do not drop the bar, you can rest with the bar on your back but this is also not preferred.


Max rounds in 3 minutes of:


10 Thruster's @ 75#'s

5  Burpees


Rest 30 seconds and repeat for a total of 3 rounds


This should be a quick banger! Hit it hard!



October 20, 2010


Jason is traveling so Alex will be covering the blog today...


Congratulations to Jason and "Team Rogue" for winning the "Team Rogue Vs. Team Again Faster" competition in Lake Tahoe over the last to days!


This event gathered some of the best CrossFit athletes from around the world and pitted them, in teams, against each other. Team Rogue made a big push from behind today after being behind on day one to secure a decisive victory. Click on the link below to see video archives of the event.





Photo of both teams. You may recognize many of these athletes. They include the previous 3 year's CrossFit Games Champions (all 6 men and women).


Workout for tomorrow:


4 Rounds for Time of:


Run 400m

20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 95#/65#

20 Box Jumps 24"



October 19, 2010


I hear the gym was crackin today! Love to hear it.


In Lake Tahoe things have been crazzzzzzyyyyyyy!!!!!!! I have watched some super intense stuff go down. Crossfit HQ is actually going to make it into a video, I'll let you guys know when I have some footage.



A few pics from today:



Photo (1) Photo (2)




Workout for Tomorrow:



Push Press your body weight 30 times for time.




Max Rounds in 10 Minutes of



5 Hang Power Snatch @ 115#'s

10 Push Ups with a release at the bottom


Please scale appropriately 


October 18, 2010

Workout for Tomorrow:



Skill work on the HSPU....try and do "the next step." What I mean by this is if you normally do box assisted, try up against the wall facing the wall, maybe try bands? Parallets? Try something new.



A quick banger!

5 Rounds:


10     2 pood KB Swings

10 Pull Ups 



I apologize for the lack of pictures, we will get some up tomorrow I am currently in the mountains and do not have access to any good internet.




October 17, 2010

Tomorrow we will have a 6:00am open gym 


I will be out of town in Reno doing a Crossfit Competition for the next few days. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.



Below is a pic of our new limited edition "Barbells for Boob's/ Breast Cancer Awareness" shirt logo. Each shirt will have this logo placed similar to the one's you have already seen with it down the side. We may also find a way to incorporate the Mountain View logo as well. The shirt's will be $25 with a majority of the proceeds (at minimum $5...need to figure out printing costs) going to Mammograms in Action. 


If you would like a shirt PLEASE LET US KNOW....so we can figure out how many to make.


If you would like a shirt please email






The 11:00am team workout crew...PUMPED UP!!!!!!!!




Workout for Tomorrow:



Starting it off right!!!! Let's bang out some squat's


Heavy Back Squats 

3 at moderately heavy for you

3 at a bit heavier for you

3+ (plus meaning, as many as you can without dropping the bar) at heavy for you 


7 rounds for time of:


7 Hang Power Cleans 

7 Front Squats

7 Jerk's 


all at the same weight for your prescribed is 115#....remember pick a weight that is challenging but that you can still move with



October 16, 2010

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


I want to apologize to anyone who came to our CrossFit Kids program today. We will post the new schedule ASAP.



VERY IMPRESSIVE WITH THE OVERHEAD SQUATS! Many in this picture did them for the first time!

Partner prowler work


Schedule for Tomorrow:


11:00am Team Workout


Workout for Tomorrow:


Team workout with Sal!

October 15, 2010

Here are a few pics from yesterday. I hope you all enjoy your weekend. I just got finished doing the Crossfit Total down here in San Diego. I was with someone named Dave Lipson who got a 1400lb total! Finished it with a 635 deadlift! Both him and I pr'd our lift's..I'll tell you it makes a difference when you have someone there crushing huge weights right before you.



Schedule for Tomorrow:


Sat free 9:00am Class, bring a friend and have some fun!!


Workout for Tomorrow:


Max round's in 15 minutes of:


Run 300 meter's (around the sign in the front)

15 Overhead Squat's @ 95#'s (the goal is to not drop the bar)

1 sled Push (there and back)


Simply Awesome!!!!!!



Labor day 065

Labor day 064

Labor day 063

Labor day 062

Labor day 061 \

Labor day 060

Labor day 059

Labor day 058

October 14, 2010

For the next week or so I will be traveling in San Diego and Reno for Crossfit. Afterwards I will be gone for a few more days on vacation. If you have any issues, concerns, nightmares, or need a good joke simply email me and I'll get back to you.



Melinda will be out of town this weekend so unfortunately there will not be a mobility class. 



Sorry guy's I had a bunch of cool pic's from today but left the camera at the gym again. MANNNNYYYYYYY of you guy's PR'd today (personal record). Awesome work!!!!


Let's talk for a second about those of you who didn't PR..why????



There are many many reason's why you didn't PR.


1) You are fatigued from a tough week of workout's

2) You have lost a substantial amount of weight and as a result lost a bit of strength

3) Your diet is jacked up, maybe your not eating enough???

4) You didn't sleep well?

5) You just weren't feelin it today


Any of these or a combination of these can have an affect. Don't get caught up or worried! Stay consistent and it will all work out. Today we had people PR by 30-40-50lbs....we had people over the last year jump 200lbs on some lifts. It's all doable, you just need to stick with it and continue to eat well. On another note make sure that when we have HEAVY days you go HEAVY....will you make gains by going kind of heavy, absolutely. However, the weight's are endless when you really decide to lift up heavy stuff, come in on those day's ready to lift!



Jaime and the kid's, not sure why they did this but I thought it was kind of a cool pic? 


Don't forget that we have a Crossfit Kid's program...ask Jaime for more info.




Workout for Tomorrow:



Run 400 meter's (this should be a sprint)

20 Push Press at 135#'s (rack or no rack either way)

30 GHD sit up's (if you have never done these please tell the instructor)


Rest 1 minute and repeat for a total of 3 round's  

October 13, 2010

Please stay tuned for our updated Crossfit Kid's Schedule



Don't forget to visit http://mobilitywod.blogspot.com/



Event's coming up:


Barbells for Boobs on Oct 30th! Click the link on the left to register 


The Turkey Trot....Always fun! Nothing is better than running 6 miles and then eating for the rest of the day. You can register at:





Our new weight rack is complete! Please remember to put away your weights, we will have the area's marked out for which weights go where soon.



Another new addition to the gym. Our "Laws of the Box." 

When you come in give them a quick read. Some of them are jokes but for the most part we seriously want everyone to follow these rules. Our goal is to have the best training facility in the area. One of the ways that each of you can help us get there is by encouraging others and continuing to keep the atmosphere in the gym 100% positive! 


A few pics from the box yesterday:

Labor day 054 Labor day 056



Workout for Tomorrow:



Warm up sets use Snatch grip and technique (ass lower, chest higher, knees out, squat the bar up)


work set's use:


Deadlift Heavy!!!!!!

Regular grip...if your feelin it go for a new 1 rep max, otherwise just lift very heavy weights for you about 15 times total. These can be in singles, triples or any other combo. I would only advise you that it is not "very heavy" if you can do it 5 times in a row...those don't count, there warm ups still.



Max rounds in 10 minutes of:


5 Deadlifts at 225

5 hand stand push up's



Below is a video of me yesterday on my last set of 5-3-1 back squat. The reason why I am putting this up (its not my best example but you guys will get the point) is because many of you don't understand what it means to go to failure. The most beneficial reps for you are those last few where you are fighting like hell to finish the movement. Next time your in the gym lets try and take that same mentality to the barbell.

October 12, 2010

Great turnout today!



EVERY MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED WE WILL HAVE OPEN GYM AT 6:00AM.  This will not be coached, please come in and work on your own or warm up before the 7:00am class. 



Seriously one the best if not the best Tough Mudder pic yet!!!!!!! I love the shirt, peace sign, and speedo Karo!!!! Mike your fist pump looks great too.




I was anonymously sent this pic right now????? Looks like Alex upset someone...maybe it's the CF Santa Clara sticker that was taken off his back window...what's going on?



The on ramper's getting down!!!! Invite a friend to come by! Our Mountain View location is also open and ready to rock, please invite your friends there as well!





Workout for Tomorrow:


Sled time!!!


The workout for tomorrow will be a surprise. We rarely if ever do this to you guys. Here is what I have to say about it:


It will be a task priority (meaning the work is set and it takes you however long to complete it)

It will have the sled as the main component

It will also incorporate an Olympic Lifting or Power Lifting movement

It will be a partner workout


Any guesses????????? Come on in and have some fun.