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November 23, 2010

Schedule Change:


Tomorrow we will have 6:00am (open gym) 7:00am, 12:00pm and 5:30pm classes



T-Shirt Timeeee!!! The T-shirts are in, please see Jaime or I upstairs to grab one. They are each $20 (we have all new colors) and the pink (to raise money for Breast Cancer research) are $25.



We will meet in front of the HP Pavilion at 7:20 for the Turkey Trot on Thursday.



Quick Food Find!!!!!


When I was in Texas someone brought in what looked like Mashed Potatoes and although they looked awesome! I didn't want to go with such a high glycemic starchy food. Then she tells me that it is actually cauliflower, I tried them and was amazed!!! Tonight Ashley (my wife) made the above meal for me. In total I had 1/2 lb of ground beef with a little taco seasoning for flavor and one full cauliflower.


Quick way to make it:

Chop up cauliflower
Boil the cauliflower until tender
Drain the cauliflower
Put it in the blender
Add a little melted butter and heavy cream to taste
Puree everything together
Add a little garlic salt (optional)




The Marines at CFSC last Sat



Don't forget about Crossfit Kids!



Workout for Tomorrow:


Shoulder Press for a new 1 Rep Max! (keep your midline tight)


Get the Work Done!


10 Box Jumps

1 Push Up/ Dip on the Parallets

9 Box Jumps

2 Push Up/Dip on the Parallets


Continue this process until you have switched to 1 Box Jump and 10 Push Up/ Dip on the Parallets


This workout may change depending on how the instructor sees it going.



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Will there be a 6:00 am open gym tmmrw?

Yup there will be a 6:00am open gym

your live traffic feed says I'm in San Francisco... NOT.. :-D

Yes! We've made that cauliflower a couple times since starting paleo

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