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January 26, 2011

Awesome job today everyone on the workout!





Music without swearing and explicit content is encouraged but not required. Haha seriously we are trying to get the language cleaner around the gym. 




Please keep in mind how important foam rolling is pre and post workout! I am ordering in about 10 more to be used in class almost daily. 




Workout for Tomorrow:



Shoulder Press 1-1-1-1-1 (go until you fail)

Take that weight, Push Press it 30 times (must be done in 3 sets or less)

Take the weight again and Push Jerk it 30 times (must be done in 3 sets or less)


Some of you are reading this right now and asking yourself "what is the difference between a push press and push jerk?" The answer is that in a push press we dip-drive-then press the weight overhead with locked knees. In the Push Jerk we jump (dip/drive)-punch-land in a partial squat to get under the weight and then stand up. 


Performing this in 3 sets is totally doable, just don't drop the bar.



You have 7 minutes to perform:


40 Power Clean's @ 135#'s 

With your remaining time, take the bar and put it over your head. Walk as far as possible with the time left over. (stay in the parking lot, you can turn around).

The 40 power cleans should take about 2 1/2 minutes, so most of you should be walking pretty far!




Pics 070

Friendship is: Sharing a box for mobility work when their are two others right next to you. I love the bond's created at Crossfit. 


Pics 071

The 5:30 crew getting down and dirty!




A pretty cool Crossfit video, a bit longer than most but really cool to see the progression of a sport that started in a warehouse and now is getting so huge.

CrossFit - The Evolution from Jordan Gravatt on Vimeo.




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