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January 24, 2011

Jack Lalanne passed away recently. My condolences go out to his family and friends, I personally know his grand nephew who owns Crossfit Lalanne. Jack Lalanne revolutionized the fitness industry and may have potentially been the first Crossfitter ever....performing 1000 pull ups and 1000 push ups in just under 1 1/2 hours....unbelievable. Rest in peace.



How is everyone doing on the Paleo Challenge????? I hope well!!!!!!


As soon as the challenge is over I will start discussing "The Paleo Diet for Athletes" which takes in to consideration some "non-Paleo" foods that will help with recovery and workouts.


For those of you who are on the cusp of quiting, please take in to consideration that you can simply penalize yourself instead.



On another note:


I know sometimes I come off a bit repetitive about reminding all of you to work hard and not just go through the motions. The only reason why I do this is because I truly care that each and every one of you gets results, results only come with hard work and we all need reminders of that sometimes...this includes myself.





Workout for Tomorrow: 



Clean Pulls Heavy.....(Pulls 1 and 2, not the catch)



Max rounds in 4 minutes of: 


10 KB swings @ 1.5 poods

10 Box Jumps


Rest 1 minute and repeat for 3 rounds





Chris showing us the "get pumped up dance!"

Mike Pr'd his Clean tonight by 30lbs or so! I was in the middle of another workout when he did it, but let me tell you the place shook from how hard he was jumping up and down!


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I witnessed that. Hey Mike, congrats again!! Dude, you muscle cleaned that bar-- you got more in you buddy.

I did clean pulls today with 295 and 315 and was challenged...300lb muscle clean, now that's impressive. Way to go Mike.

Chris L. is a Re-Tard! LOL! But we all knew that. Great "get pump up dance" Lucifer!!!

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