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January 23, 2011

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!



Workout for Tomorrow:


6     75 meter sprints


5 Rounds for time:


Run 200 meter's

5 Man maker's w/35# DB's

(push up on DB's, right arm pull, push up, left arm pull, push up, jump to a squat with DB's on shoulder..drive overhead)

10 Front Squats @ 135#'s




Please keep in mind that we have several unique items that we do not use as often at the gym. Some of them are the stone, reverse hyper, and rope. If you ever want to learn how to use them please let us know.

Similiar to many of you...Jess gets her first rope climb last week!



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Question about the Paleo Challenge. Are NorCal Margaritas allowed? It is two shots of Tequila, the juice of one whole lime, and a splash of soda water. I ask because my birthday is coming up and all of the desserts I've found require added honey and without the honey, they don't taste as good as they should.

Megan, from what I understand all forms of alcohol are out because your body processes it just like sugar.

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