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January 27, 2011


Workout for Tomorrow:


5 Rounds for time of:


400 Meter run

20 Deadlifts @ 225

20 Hip Extensions


Make sure your hamstrings are super warmed up! Lets practice some stuff you suck at before hand.




Pics 073

Best dressed Crossfitter of the night. Grace with her scarf on.

Pics 072

Some overhead work...brutal

Pics 074

The 6:30pm on ramp with Dana learning the pull up.


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You forgot the quote of the day

"Raise your hand with your ass, now tighten as if Chuck Norris was going to cunch you!"

Cunch? What?

Lets just be honest...if Chuck Norris, the Worlds Greatest Human, was going to cunch? you, there is really nothing you could do to stop it

HAHA.....cunching someone is only something Chuck Norris can do, all other human beings are incapable of such a task.

Ah! It looks like I might have to be in Austin for about 5 days. Does anyone have any tips on how to do the Paleo Challenge while you're out of town?

Jarod, I do it every weekend. The best thing to do is get a cooked chicken from Safeway, some avocados and veggies and eat that for lunch and snacks. Breakfast, have eggs and fruit. Dinner, grab a chicken breast and some veggies...understand their will be salt on it and probably not cooked in the oils you want but thats ok.

I just learned that Chipotle uses soy oil to cook their fajita veggies. Yuck!

Made Scotch eggs last night and just had one for breakfast. Yum! and super easy.

You can find the recipe here... http://theclothesmakethegirl.blogspot.com/2010/05/scotch-eggs-aka-protein-pellets.html

I don't have the italian seasoning she mentions in the recipe, but I bought a really good and clean italian seasoning from Whole Foods. YOu could really season it however you want though.

Jarod, I second Jason.. for breakfast, at most hotels, you can request eggs to be cooked your way. A veggie omellette is pretty safe, just make sure they don't add dairy or cheese to it. I've had to do just that the other day. Major cities, even in Austin, has Whole Foods. Like I did the other day in Seattle, I bought an avocado, cooked shrimp, sunflower seeds and that was my lunch. Since you're in the middle of the country, be resourceful and see what they offer. I'm sure grilled catfish shouldn't be too difficult to find. You may be lucky to find a place that serves GF (grassfed) beef like we do here on the west coast.

I just did the challenge in Austin two weeks ago. Eggs and meat at the hotel for breakfast, salads with meat for lunch(lots of chicken and beef in Austin), and lots if BBQ for dinner. Beef brisket and smoked turkey

yea Mike, but some of us are at level 10... salt is just a tadd more difficult to deal with.. I intend not to be a rabbit and live on salad while I'm away from home. :-D I want my GF meats, dammit! and seafood, of course.. :-)

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