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February 27, 2011

Question to spark some comments up....its been pretty dead lately. The comments section is located below this post and says "comment" if you would like to participate. I want to hear from you guys!



What goal are you trying to hit in the next month at Crossfit?


I'll start, I would like to snatch 240lbs. 





The Sunday Crew having some fun in the sun.





It is Alyssa's Birthday tomorrow (she's part of the 6am crew!) She will be turning 23 so I thought the number's below would be appropriate. She was also born on leap year so would actually be 5, that's where I got the last number from.


Birthday WOD for Tomorrow:



Tabata Air Squats



2 Rounds:

10 DL @ 185#'s
10 Box Jumps  24"
10 V Ups 

Rest 1 minute 

3 Rounds:

10 DL @ 185#'s
10 Box Jumps  24"
10 V Ups 

Rest 1 minute 

5 Rounds:

10 DL @ 185#'s
10 Box Jumps  24"
10 V Ups 




Last Chance for the Early Bird Special on CrossFit Games Tickets.


I know I had mentioned before to wait on the tickets because I was purchasing a box. I already purchased the box but unfortunately do not get very many tickets at all. Just enough for my family. I'd recommend purchasing the tickets now since they are $10 cheaper. Either way 40 or 50 for three days is a great deal.




Photo (13)

Kale chips.....they taste amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!


Simple directions. Tear the leaves off the stem, drizzle a little olive oil and a tad of sea salt on them, bake for 12-14 min @ 350 degrees. Enjoy!



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seeing as how I am still recovering from a dislocated shoulder I will say 10 strict pull ups without pain.. That would be pretty awesome. A lot of mobility happening this month.

I am going to get to 10 strict pull-ups as well.

Sometime in the next 3 months, I want to break into the 300 club for DL's and Back Squats.

BTW the birthday WODS are more intense than the Hero WODS....you guys sure do want us to remember your birthdays.

One B'day WOD I ever forget is Karo's WOD from last year. Thank god he only turned 25 then.

BTW, that is pretty close to a great generic vegie recipe. Broccoli and asparagus are both awesome (though I like to broil them for 8-10 min instead of baking). I have a tough time coming up with CF goals. Last year, I set several, and hit most (or was close enough to make me happy). However, there were several that we just didn't do enough of to properly measure. For instance, I set a Fight Gone Bad target, for 2010, and event though we do Fight Gone Bad more frequently than most workouts and I average 3-4 workouts per week, I went >8 months without doing it, so it wasn't all that relevant. By fully putting my training in CF(MV) hands, I'm somewhat of a loss as to what kinds of things we will be working on to improve this month (and year), so I've yet to set any goals... which seems wrong.

Goals for the next 30 days:

- 30 consecutive chest-2-bar butterfly pull ups
- Beat Jason's Fran time.. Yes, this is me calling you out...
- Make it into regionals
- Nicer shoulders than Alex..

Wow, Jaime is throwing down the gauntlet. Things are getting spicy. My goals:

- Get my first Muscle Up
- Clean 200 pounds
- Squat 300 pounds

The last two might be a stretch, but we'll have to see.

Jaime it's on!

Miles, this is one of the reasons why I posted this. I want to try and implement movements/workouts that people are working towards.

We try and vary things as much as possible, sometimes though it's good to hone in on a few things in particular.

Thanksss for the birthday WOD! Excited to do it :)

Conquer the fear of box jumps. 10 kipping pullups. 95lb clean.

Squat 400 pounds
20 handstand pushups
snatch more than jason
being ready for the open coming up soon


- get a MUSCLE UP!
- butterfly pullup
- 20 consecutive double unders

For the year:
Qualify for the CrossFit Games Regionals.
I'd like to spend more time on olympic lifting after the competition season: 300lb clean and Jerk, 240lb snatch.
Overhead squat 300lbs. Shoulder press 200lbs. (Yes, I enjoy lifting heavy things).

In the very short term (this month), I'd like to be able to do 10 handstand pushups unbroken (hands down, my biggest weakness!) and get better at pistol squats.

I constantly need to work on hip and ankle mobility, and I am making a concerted effort to do this daily!

As for CrossFit met-con stuff, my big goal was to finish the workout King Kong, which I did at the beginning of January. I'd like to do it under 5 minutes. I always feel that if you keep your strength up, continue to work on weaknesses, and hit the met-cons hard, this stuff takes care of itself.

Now for the big goals!!! 1) To have spikier hair than Jaime. 2) To have better facial hair than Rick. 3) To have bigger triceps than Jason.

On January 1st, I set 3 goals for myself for 2011...
1) Complete the Paleo Challenge - DONE...lost 22 lbs and dropped from 21% bodyfat to 15% bodyfat
2) My first Muscle Up - currently working progressions to build up strength for this
3) Standing Back Flip - targeting for 2nd half of 2011

New goal for March...
- 20 unbroken double-unders (my current PR is 3)

Each month I want to set a new goal to improve one of my Goats

I wish to beat Jason in everything.

Couple things I would like to get... in around the next month or so...
1- un-assisted ring dips (no band)
2- full legit toes to bars
3- strict pull up (no kip)
4- 10 consecutive kipping pull ups

- fix my shoulder - a lot of other goals depend on getting this done
- 50 unbroken DUs
- 1 mile prowler under 30 mins
- 20 minute burpee amrap!!! and beat Ricks number :p

- fix my shoulder - a lot of other goals depend on getting this done
- 50 unbroken DUs
- 1 mile prowler under 30 mins
- 20 minute burpee amrap!!! and beat Rick's number :p

The goal I set for myself on January 1st was to stick to the 3 on 1 off schedule. In mid January I added the 5-3-1 program (4 days a week) to my goals. After injuring my back doing 5-3-1 deadlifts the first week of February I've had to stop the strength training, but I've been able to maintain the 3 on 1 off schedule doing workouts with bodyweight movements (pullups, pushups, dips, etc.). My goal for the next 30 days is to safely reintegrate all crossfit movements back into my workout and restart the 5-3-1 program.

I LOVE power cleans.... I want to power clean 140lbs.
I want to do double unders for 1 minute without messing up.
I love snatches... I want to snatch 95lbs.


free standing hand stand
Perform well in the open
Make the CFSC team

I'd really like to learn the butterfly PU, my kipping ones take too long. I'd like to build up my endurance overall, and learn how to get the jump in between the floor and overhead on the snatch.

- Multiple kipping pull-ups in a row
- 1 strict pull-up
- Overcome snatching fear and snatch 65lb
- Multiple unassisted ring dips
- Stop eating ice cream and a lot of sugar everyday

I don't know how I missed this..

short term goals: butterfly 15-20 consecutive pullups, Muscle-Up 3 in a row on rings
midterm goals: do well to make top 20 in my age category for Masters open sectionals
long term goals: backsquat 300, deadlift 400, gain another 10 lbs of muscle

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