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February 21, 2011


Question for you guys:


If you were to want ONE Piece of new Equipment...what would it be???? 



Please also note that we are on Facebook and Twitter, working on getting more stuff up on it asap. We would love to see people post up their times for the workout and see if we can get some friendly competition going online.



Throwing an Old School pic up today. This was taken at our last location over a year ago. Please take the position people are in as a hint to what may come up tomorrow.



Take a look at this pic. Great technique from anyone???? Not the best.

Working their ass off???? Hell ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Workout for Tomorrow:


Complete as many rounds as possible in 4 minutes of:


5 Power Cleans @ 155#'s

5 V Ups

5 Deadlift's @ 155#'s

5 Push Ups (with a release if you are more advanced)


Immediately after the round is over hold the squat position against the wall for as long as possible with a maximum of 2 minutes.


The time that you hold the squat dictates the amount of rest you get before your next round. Yes, you could game it and not do any squat holds (not encouraged and not the goal)...this would mean you would automatically be right back on the bar for the workout though. The squat hold is a mental test, see how hard you can push yourself!


We will complete this for a total of 4 rounds. This workout may change depending on how effective we feel it is. 




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Does and Olympic weight set count as 1 piece of equipment? If it does, I'd like a werksan training set (with colored bumpers). If not, then a proper lifting platform, yeah, that would be great!


piece of equipment: yoke!!! or what Dave said.

Bicep curl machine........ :O

mabey some additional pull up bars so they are on both sides of the gym...and/or more sandbags.

One piece of equipment? I'll do you one better and give you two:

vibrating belt machine (note: do NOT google "fat vibrator" at work)-

...or, a personal sauna capsule-

Rolled my ankle tonight warming up (sidewalk jumped up and bit me) so I'm out until further notice. PEACE

A clean shower for the ladies restroom upstairs :)

A webcam to watch workouts so I can motivate myself to get to my workout faster.

Damn my shoulders look good in the old school picture...

Oh equipment you said... More jump ropes, and more rubber bands...

I miss rope climb workouts. Longer runs (I can't believe I said that); they were great to keep things varied; I improved my run times a lot! Plus more sprint work. (Just my 2cents, but if people don't show up for these workouts it's their loss because the whole point is to do different things). More jump ropes would be nice -- I like the cheap plastic ones the best -- the ones that come with black & green & red handles, even though they break the most and that's why we don't have anymore. Tumbling mats and do more tumbling work. I know I probably didn't answer your question, but thanks for listening and asking Jason!

A wall to do wall climbs with and sandbags!


I would suggest a wall climb as well. One like they had at the CrossFit Games would be cool.

a clean shower

Is a hot tub out of line?

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