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February 28, 2011

The comments were awesome! Thank you for letting me know some of your goals.






The Samurai Hair Cut:


If you wear your hair like a Samurai Warrior....you are immidiately 30% stronger and 10% faster on all workouts. If you see the man above beating you in a workout....we all know why. 

What Gary is going for in 4-6 months (below)



Not sure if you guys have noticed, but almost daily Jason and Shellie come in to workout together (pictured below). We have several married couples that come in, thought I'd send a quick shout out to the married couples. I'll feature more soon.





Workout for Tomorrow:


Work the Power Clean for at least 20 minutes



Team or partner up:


For Time....Row 500 meter's 

immediately after 

Max distance prowler push without stopping (this will have a lot of weight on it) Should be about 30-50 feet tops


Complete the above for 4 rounds each person 

 The bottle neck will be the rower's, not the prowler's since as soon as you stop its over.  


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That cartoon has A LOT of work ahead of him to even remotely start catching up to Gary!

Hahaha yea it does, I think I gotta start showing up to class on horseback with a sword though

That samurai look is the BOMB dude.

Dear Samurai Warrior Gary,

Don't forget your Nintendo Wii Headband.

Aiight, let's go rent a couple of horses, that would be effing hilarios

probably was “has lost”, actually, we were actually “have won”, moreover, won richly! once had the creating a stir murder as a crime of passion, Hong the surname female student to compete for doctor the class boyfriend

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