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February 26, 2011

Want to compete in an endurance-based CrossFit event tomorrow (Sunday, February 27)???


Many local, bay area affiliates have come together and set up a competition series that invites endurance athletes and CrossFit athletes to test their skills. The goal of these events is to help bridge the gap between these two types of athletes and hopefully help everyone realize that their respective sports and training styles are both equally beneficial and challenging. Plus, it is a chance to compete! 





Another great Saturday Class!!! Check out some of the action:


Warm up for the Saturday Class


Saturday class workout




Schedule for tomorrow:


11am team workout in Santa Clara!




Workout for tomorrow:


Team workout designed by Sal





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Are there more of those Threshhold Racing competitions? That one looked like it would've been fun. But, seeing as I just found out about it today, I think I'm a little late. Did anyone from our gym do it? When are the next ones?

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