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May 30, 2011

Question for the comments section:


What movement would you like to see come up this week? 


I'll start.....clean and jerk's and a pretty heavy weight....


What would you like?????




Just a funny video....let's not try and get too serious at Crossfit.





Workout for Tomorrow: 



10 rounds of:

5 Glute Ham Raises (do not attempt until hamstrings are warm)

3 Front Squats at 225#'s or heavier if 225 is not a challenge


This should be done casually, not fast. 


Regional Workout #1


For time:
Run 1000 meters
30 Handstand push-ups
Row 1000 meters


Can't do a HSPU? We will find you a challenging sub.


This workout should take less than 10 minutes!


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Reverse burpees, snatch balance or pistols would be cool

Clean and jerks, L hangs from the bar, push jerks..

overhead squats or back squats, pushups, hollow-rocks.

Overhead squats, tire flips & stones

pistols, deadlifts

I'm posting this for Jeff. Overhead squats... And I second Brian's vote for pushups.

Pullups, Power Cleans, Squat Cleans, Shoulder press

Bar Muscle Ups or those fancy PUs where you 'pull-up on low bar and catch high bar'

I Like Frank's idea, those pullups look badass!. I would also love to see full clean, maybe with the jerk at the end.

Can we get the names of the TWO athletes going to Regionals?

Handstand walks, bar pistols, double wall ball, Chinese get ups, back flips, rope climbs, pullovers, Frank's idea. All in lieu of running. Yup.

Oh yeah and those clean and jerks.

Oh yeah, and burpee pull-ups!

I would also love to see full clean

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