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Don't forget about the "Amazing Grace" charity fundraiser this weekend!


A few notes on the Barbells for Boobs/ Mammograms in Action Event on October 30th at 11:00am.


Please visit:




For more information and to sign up.


Earlier I had made a post and many of you expressed interest in the special Breast Cancer Awareness CFSC shirt we are going to make. Originally I wanted this made before the event on the 30th however after more consideration we will put them out in Mid Novemeber.


If you donate $35 or more to Barbells for Boobs you get a shirt, I want to encourage each of you to do this before buying one of our limited edition shirts ($5 from each shirt goes to Mammograms in Action as well).


In a nut shell. Go on to the website, register, get a shirt and kick some ass on the 30th!!!!!!!!!! The workout will be Grace which is 30 clean and jerks at 135/95 for time. This can obviously be scaled as well.



Workout for Tomorrow:


Monday! Start off the week right!


7 Sets of 2 (speed squats)


These should be done at a comfortable weight but performed as fast as possible while still being under control and using proper techinque and range of motion.


Max rounds in 10 minutes of:


7 Snatch grip deadlifts @ 95#'s

7 Hang power Snatches @ 95#'s

7 Overhead Squats @ 95#'s 


This is not only going to be a great workout but also a good opportunity to get better at the movements.


Rest as needed


Sprint 200 meters all out!!!!!!!






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