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 Special Events:




On Nov 20th Coach Carl Paoli will be coming to CFSC and doing a gymnastics workshop. Carl is badass, check out his name on youtube. He also helped Jason get his first back flip in 13 minutes which is awesome.


PLEASE EMAIL JAIME@CROSSFITSANTACLARA.COM with your name and email address. Our goal is to start an email list so that we can better inform you of any class schedule changes and upcoming events.




You will be taught a wide variety of movements and techniques, including these and others:

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Hand balancing
  • Rings
  • Bar
  • Basic rolls and tumbling
  • Freestyle movement
  • Trampolining


For more information please visit:




Have an injury?

Come in and train anyway. Mike (below) has a minor shoulder injury. We can definitely find a sub.

Mike dragging the sled with some very significant weight. Impressive work.



Executing the butterfly pull-up:


Check out the sequence of pictures of Pam below to see how to initiate the butterfly kip. She does this movement extremely well.



1) Check out this powerful loaded position with the feet behind the body.


2) Pam swoops her feet down into a big downward kicking motion.



3) The kick then propels her backward away from the bar, eventually sending her chin over the bar. The chin will clear the bar fairly far away (as opposed to being directly over the bar in the standard kipping pull-up). At this point, you can see the feet are already starting to move behind her to "reload" the hips.





Some more pics from today:


A little bench press action. Everyone definately had a lot of fun with this.


The 5:30 and 6:30 classes.



Workout for Tomorrow:


Power Clean for at least 10 minutes.... You don't have to go heavy. Simply try and get better at something. It could be the first pull (deadlift) second pull (jump, scoop) or third pull (dropping under the bar, fast elbows).



As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:


7   Toes to Bar

10  Walking lunges w/ 45# plate held overhead (not on the head)

7  Ring Dips



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