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Tomorrow is our Barbells for Boobs fundraiser in Santa Clara at 11am.

There is NO 9am Class!


Please feel free to come even if you have not donated, no worries. Simply come and lift a barbell for some boobs.



Game Plan for tomorrow:


The event starts at 11:00am, we will warm up and review technique on the clean and jerk. I will also give a few little hints that I use when doing "Grace." After this goes down the first heats will begin.


It will basically be like a regular class only the workout will be in honor of breast cancer awareness month with the goal of raising money for those who can not afford a mammogram. 


Pictures from today's workout:      


The 1 arm crew (actually just 1/2 of them). These guys both had major shoulder surgery and are in the gym nearly every day kickin' ass. Very inspiring.


Noon crew doin' their thing.


Some of the 6:30 class doing 1 arm kettle bell snatches.



The Workout for Tomorrow is:




30 Clean and Jerks for time at 135#'s





Mobility! Everyday you guys warm up dynamically with the intent of increasing your core body temperature and taking your body through a full range of motion to prepare for the workout ahead. Don't forget about your post workout mobility as well. Stay after, stretch, roll out, and relax upstairs. Make sure to visit mobilitywod.blogspot.com as well for helpful tips.






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I can spot those Ronald McDonald shoes easily even though the pic is a bit blurred..

Impressive, Mickey!

Ronald McDonald?!? No way - those are my "USC" shoes!

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