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Question for comments... Rope hang fail???


Mr. Jaime, aka, the General manager attempting to hang the rope at the Santa Clara gym... Don't worry, its not as bad as it looks.



Great job with the "Hero" workout today. Those are always very challenging and typically longer. We had a great turnout today and everyone did an excellent job grinding through it!



Post workout stretching:


Great picture of some of our members stretching after the workout. I love to see this! Post workout is the best time to stretch. It is a great way to gain mobility and not tighten up. This is especially important for those of you with mobility issues (EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING TO WORK ON!). 


Pictures from today:


Noon crew.


Cool picture of 5:30. 


6:30 crew.



By the way, there are a handful of shirts for sale at the gym.



Workout for Tomorrow:




Lift Heavy Objects from the floor to a standing position....aka...Deadlift in sets of 3 for 5-7 work sets



4 Rounds of:


Max Ground to Overhead in 1 minute 

Rest 30 seconds 

Max KB Swings in 1 minute 

Rest 30 seconds 



These are all out efforts, when I do these types of workouts I do my absolute best on the first set and work my ass off to try and get close to that for each round after.


For those of you I told there would be a schedule change for the noon class, I apologize. I had my dates wrong, the change will occur next Tuesday December 7th. The class will be at 12pm as usual. If some of you come at 12:30, no problem, we will make it work. Again, Sorry for the confusion. 


Good stuff today at the gym!

Big props to the 7 and 8am crews!!! It was really cold this morning, and in spite of that, they all kicked ass! 


7am doin' work. The cold couldn't slow them down.

Good squat action from the 5:30 crew.



Workout for Tomorrow:



Going a Bit Long! Please make up your squats if you did not do them today.





Six rounds for time of:
Carry 50 pound sandbag 400 meters (You can sub a 25# plate)
115 pound Push press, 12 reps
12 Box jumps, 24 inch box
95 pound Sumo deadlift high-pull, 12 reps


Thought we would put in one of the Crossfit.com Hero workouts. I did this workout on the day it came up...very challenging! 




CrossFit Mountain View is back on the normal schedule. Hope that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!


Cool video from the noon crew last week:



Officially Level 1 Certified:



Above we have Jojo (Miranda HQ staff) Chase, Mickey, and Max


Congratulations for passing your Level 1 test!!!!



Workout for Tomorrow:



The Focus:


4 Rounds for time:


10 Supine Ring Rows

10 Power Cleans @ 135#'s






Find a Friend or two


Back Squat 135#'s (or a weight that is fairly easy for you to move) for 10 sets of 10 reps 


You should try and move these with good technique at a similar speed that you air squat at. 






Please remember that Crossfit Santa Clara is closed tomorrow. Crossfit Mountain View will be open.



The Level 1 Cert Crew warming up.


We have a few CFSC members taking the course, I'll throw up some more pics tomorrow hopefully after they pass their test and receive their trainer certification.



Schedule for Tomorrow:



11:00am Team Workout with Sal



Workout for Tomorrow:



Team workout made up on the spot by Sal!



I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving weekend!!! Great job to those who completed the Turkey Trot on Thursday morning! We had quite a few of our members run it despite the cold weather and the traffic disasters.


All weekend classes are hosted in Mountain View this weekend due to the certification course in Santa Clara.


Click here for the location of the Mountain View gym. http://khalipainc.com/locations/

It can be a little hard to find. Just turn into the first driveway as you make your way on to La Avenida. The gym is at the end of the driveway.

Please call (408) 656-3135 or (408) 691-0430 if you have trouble finding the location.


We are back to our normal scheduling:

Tomorrow (Saturday) at 9am will be the free intro class. Come check out CrossFit! Bring a friend. Work off that pumpkin pie!

Sunday will be our team workout at 11am.

There is no mobility class this weekend. 


Workout for Tomorrow:


Due to limited equipment at CFMV


Tabata Time:


Tabata Push Ups

Tabata Sit Ups

Tabata Squat's 

Tabata Sprints for distance (these should be all out efforts)


Tabata is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 cycles or 4 minutes. There is no rest between exercises. 




Just wanted to apologize this morning for my tardiness. I didn't realize until we were on the 87 ramp to go to Santa Clara St. that they were going to shut down the road at 7:15. It was a mess!!!!! We sat on the overpass for almost 40 minutes.


My apologies again. The same thing happened to Alex as well today.



Schedule for Tomorrow:


10:00am Class only IN SANTA CLARA



Workout for Tomorrow:


Keeping this one a secret....may be a big long and tough considering all of the food everyone ate today.



Wednesday's 7am Getting down on some Shoulder Press!



Crossfit Santa Clara and Mountain View are closed tomorrow, please come to the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot. 



Please note that our weekend classes have been switched to Mountain View for both our 9:00am Sat and 11:00am Sun class. Friday will be at Santa Clara at 10:00am 










Please remember that if you are coming down town for the Turkey Trot we are meeting in front of the HP Pavilion at 7:20 and then again at the finish line for some pics.


If you have a CFSC Shirt please wear it!


Please contact me if you have any questions:




Schedule for the next few days:


Tomorrow (Wednesday): We will have 7:00am, 8:00am and 12pm classes ONLY

Thursday: We will meet in front of the HP Pavilion at 7:20 for the Turkey Trot. 

Friday: CrossFit Mountain View is closed. 10am class in Santa Clara.

Saturday: Free intro class at 9am at CrossFit Mountain View

Sunday: Team workout at 11am at CrossFit Mountain View





The new "CrossFit Santa Clara" T-shirts are in. They are each $20 (we have all new colors) and the pink (to raise money for Breast Cancer research) are $25.



Cool picture from Last Saturday. I got to work with a group of people that are Marine recruits. We had a lot of fun doing a team workout and teaching them about CrossFit. Couldn't think of a more practical application for CrossFit...


The future Marines at CFSC last Sat



Workout for Tomorrow:


Shoulder Press for a new 1 Rep Max! (keep your midline tight)


Get the Work Done!


10 Box Jumps

1 Push Up/ Dip on the Parallets

9 Box Jumps

2 Push Up/Dip on the Parallets


Continue this process until you have switched to 1 Box Jump and 10 Push Up/ Dip on the Parallets


This workout may change depending on how the instructor sees it going.



Normal schedule tomorrow!


Wednesday, we will have the 7am and noon class only.


The Turkey Trot is on Thursday. Both gyms will be closed.


More info on the Turkey Trot:


Below are the race times


Race Times

  • 6:30 a.m.  Race Day Registration Opens
  • 7:45 a.m.  10K  Wheelchair start
  • 7:50 a.m.  10K Run start
  • 8:15 a.m.  5K Run/Walk start
  • 10:00 a.m.  Elite Women & PA/USATF Women start
  • 10:30 a.m.  Elite Men & PA/USATF Men start
  • 10:50 a.m.  Kid's Fun Run
  • 11:30 a.m.  Awards Ceremony

There are many of us that I know are doing the 10K, there are also a ton doing the 5K. Either one of these will be great. I say we meet in front of the HP Pavilion's main entrance at 7:20am, we can split off from their during the race if need by and then meet back up at the finish line for some post fun pre eat pics. 







Workout for Tomorrow:



Power Snatch Practice 


Max Snatches @ 95#'s in 1 minute 

Rest 30 Seconds

Max Snatches @ 95#'s in 1 minute 


Rest 2 minutes....opportunity to change the weights


Max Snatches @ 115#'s in 1 minute 

Rest 30 seconds 

Max Snatches @ 115#'s in 1 minute 


Rest 1:30 second's...opportunity to change the weights


Max Snatches @ 135#'s in 1 minute

Rest 30 seconds

Max Snatches @ 135#'s in 1 minute


Rest 1 minute


Max Deadlift's for 2 minutes @ 135#'s or your final weight on the bar 



The reason why I wrote this workout up like this is because I want to reinforce two things:


 A) Get work done     Intensity= results

B) Better technique will get you more work done, especially with heavier weights. Focus on this when at the heavier loads and watch your number's go up.




Pictures from last Friday... Sorry for the delay!

Photo-1 Photo-2

Photo-3 Photo-4

Photo-5 Photo-6

Photo-8 Photo-11 Photo-12 Photo-13 Photo-14 Photo-4 

Sweet picture of Andrea. This is her first time ever lifting weights and she deadlifted 175lbs!!! Love the intensity!


5:30 class:




Schedule for this week:

Mon 11/22  Normal Schedule
Tues 11/23  Normal Schedule including the On Ramp
Wed 11/24  7am and 12pm only, the night classes will be cancelled
Thurs 11/25 No classes for Thanksgiving (please come run the Turkey Trot!!!!!!!!!!!)
Fri 11/26   1 class at 10:00am only (Santa Clara)
Sat 11/27  9:00am class at CF Mountain View
Sun 11/28  11:00am class at CF Mountain View


I would like to start sending you guys event/schedule info and more in depth info on What Crossfit is. Please email Jaime if you have not already with your name and email address. Thank you.

[email protected]



Paleo Challenge coming soon!


I would like to do another Paleo challenge, however this one will be a bit different than the last one. I want to start this up around January 1st.



Workout for Tomorrow:


Monday Squat time! If you generally do not come in on Monday please make these up. I firmly believe in the squat. If you can learn to squat well, everything else will follow.


Back Squat:

7 sets of 5-8 at a moderate load.

These should be done under control but fast, as soon as you slow down for one second re rack the bar.

Please keep in mind:

Weight in heels
Good lumbar curve
Proper depth
Knees out!
Initiate the movement by sitting slightly back.

Stay tight!!!


Max rounds in 15 minutes of


5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats


Before you begin Cindy you must first complete:

2 rounds of:

30 KB swings @ 2pood
30 double unders