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Question for comments... Rope hang fail???


Mr. Jaime, aka, the General manager attempting to hang the rope at the Santa Clara gym... Don't worry, its not as bad as it looks.



Great job with the "Hero" workout today. Those are always very challenging and typically longer. We had a great turnout today and everyone did an excellent job grinding through it!



Post workout stretching:


Great picture of some of our members stretching after the workout. I love to see this! Post workout is the best time to stretch. It is a great way to gain mobility and not tighten up. This is especially important for those of you with mobility issues (EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING TO WORK ON!). 


Pictures from today:


Noon crew.


Cool picture of 5:30. 


6:30 crew.



By the way, there are a handful of shirts for sale at the gym.



Workout for Tomorrow:




Lift Heavy Objects from the floor to a standing position....aka...Deadlift in sets of 3 for 5-7 work sets



4 Rounds of:


Max Ground to Overhead in 1 minute 

Rest 30 seconds 

Max KB Swings in 1 minute 

Rest 30 seconds 



These are all out efforts, when I do these types of workouts I do my absolute best on the first set and work my ass off to try and get close to that for each round after.


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