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30 posts from November 2010


Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Just a reminder that all weekend classes are hosted at CrossFit Santa Clara.


Schedule for tomorrow:


10am mobility class at Crossfit Santa Clara

11am team workout at CrossFit Santa Clara


We had a busy day at the gym. We had 40 Marine recruits trying CrossFit for the first time, the 9am intro class, and the gymnastics seminar. Awesome day.




The gymnastics seminar was great! Coach Carl touched on many concepts in gymnastics ranging from a hollow core position, handstands and handstand pushups, pistol squats, pull-ups, muscle-ups, and even backflips!!!

Everyone made huge improvements on their gymnastics skills. The most important aspect of the seminar was understanding the skill transfer from these gymnastics moves to Crossfit and other sports. Many of you will see drastic improvements in their overall performance due to practicing and having a better understanding of these skills.


Picture of the Gymnastics seminar. 



Don't forget about the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning!!!




Workout for tomorrow:


Team Workout designed by Sal

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I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Funny fact of the day. I was on a flight to Dallas with Brett Michaels today.


Schedule for Tomorrow:

Mountain View is closed. Please visit our Santa Clara location.

Clllllasssssiiccccc video if you haven't seen it watch then entire video.





Workout For Tomorrow:

10 rounds for time of:

7 Wall Ball Shots
7 Push Ups


Been doing Crossfit for a while and want to spice it up a bit. Do double squat wall ball shots while it's in the air and release at the bottom of your push up.




Everyone at the gym must really hate burpees!!! Today was the fastest I've seen many of you run!!! 



Some clean and jerk action:









We will have new shirts that will be here on Monday! They will be in several different colors which should be awesome. They will have the Santa Clara logo...


Schedule for Saturday:


9:00am Intro to Crossfit Class in CrossFit Santa Clara

9:00am Gymnastics Seminar (this is a separate paid event)


Schedule for Sunday:


10:00am Mobility class with Melinda at CFSC

11:00am Team workout with Sal at CFSC



Workout for Tomorrow:



Deadlift Heavy....feeling good...go for a Personal Best!!


Max rounds in 4 minutes of:


10 KB Swings @ 2 pood

10 deadlift's with the KB


Rest 30 seconds and repeat for a total of 3 rounds



Don't forget about the gymnastics seminar at CrossFit Santa Clara on Saturday. Should be an awesome event.



The Silicon Valley Turkey Trot Is a lot of fun. We would love to see you there!!! We will have a large group running/walking at all levels. Bring a friend if you want.




Nice work on the split jerks today. We saw a lot of improvement on technique and quite a few PR's!!! Of course, I managed to butcher most of the photos.


Exhibit A: (Miles made the lift BTW, I was about 5 seconds too late)



Quality photography of Nick nailing the lift, however... 


 Sled Pics!!!




Workout for Tomorrow:



A little bit of this, a little bit of that:


Row 500 meter's 

Max reps Ground to Overhead @ 155#'s (something just a tad spicy)

Run 400 meter's


Total time allowed for this workout is 10 minutes. Your score is your total reps of ground to overhead. I truly want to know how many you get...40 should be doable for sure. 


Here's the catch:

Leave too early for the run and you miss more reps

Leave too late for the run and you don't make it back in time



Getting back with more than 20 seconds on the clock= immediate 20 burpees

Getting back with the clock past 10:10 minutes= immediate 20 burpees.

Goal= get back within 20 seconds of 10 minutes


This workout may change a tad bit tomorrow depending on how it plays out. 





If you are interested in competing in the CrossFit Games sectionals in March (individual or team) or simply want to supplement your training, send me an email, post to comments, or sign up at the gym. We are trying to get an email list together.



Please remember that Coach Carl will be here on Sat for a one day Gymnastics Seminar. To sign up please visit:




Also, please remember to sign up for the San Jose Turkey Trot



Picture of two of our new members, George and Meghan, working out after finishing the basic movements courses.



The morning crew:



The 6:30 Crew during the "7 minute abs" warmup...


The aftermath of a great workout...



Workout for Tomorrow:



Split Jerk Heavy in singles!!!! Feeling good....hit a new PR!!!!


Fast but effective!


40 Box Jumps 

20 Push Press @ 135#'s

1 Prowler Push (there and back)

30 Box Jumps

10 Push Press @ 135#'s

2 Prowler Pushes (there and back twice)

20 Box Jumps

5 Push Press @ 135#'s

3 Prowler Pushes



Still one of my favorite videos ever!!! 


Are you thinking about competing in CrossFit??? The time to train is now!!!


Competing is a lot of fun. If you have never done it, it is a great experience! Regardless of whether or not you think you can win, it is incredible to compete in a setting that will elevate your game to a level you never thought you could.


There are a few ways to compete... You can compete as an individual, compete on our team, or both. It is possible that you might have to compete as an individual to be a able to make the team (not sure on the details yet), so keep that in mind. 


If this is something you are interested, please let me know. I want to get an idea of how many want to join in. We will provide you with a supplemental training guideline as well as an opportunity to work with others with the same aspirations. If you aren't planning on competing, but still want some extra work, you can join in as well.


Either post to comments or email me at alex@crossfitsantaclara.com



Today was great! That was some of the best efforts I've seen from the gym as far as weightlifting is concerned. There is a HUGE mental component to weightlifting, and today's workout was a great example! There was great peer coaching as well. It was fun to be a part of.


Great picture of spotting/coaching on todays workout!



Check out this effort from Jeremy. 30+ squats at his body weight. Over a 3 minute set. Badass!




Workout for Tomorrow:



Body weight bananza!!!!


Max Rounds in 7 minutes of:


7 Push Up's 

10 Sit Up's (anchored preferred for speed)


Immediately after:


Max Rounds in 7 minutes of:


4 Pull Ups

8 Jumping Lunges 





I hope everyone is getting ready for the Holiday season.






Our Thanksgiving schedule for next week looks like this:



Mon 11/22  Normal Schedule

Tues 11/23  Normal Schedule 

Wed 11/24  7am and 12pm only, the night classes will be cancelled

Thurs 11/25 No classes for Thanksgiving (please come run the Turkey Trot!!!!!!!!!!!)

Fri 11/26   1 class at 10:00am only (Santa Clara)

Sat 11/27  9:00am class at CF Mountain View

Sun 11/28  11:00am class at CF Mountain View



Please remember that Carl's Gymnastics seminar is on Saturday at 9:00am 


Please remember to sign up for the Turkey Trot which is on Thanksgiving 


Please remember that our POWER LIFTING Class begins on Tuesday at 7:30pm.


Please note that we are getting new shirts printed. I am working with Reebok right now on it.




Workout for Tomorrow:



1 Set for max reps of Front Squats at your body weight...rest as needed


1 Set for max reps of Back Squats at your body weight


These sets should be simple and straight forward. You place the bar in the front rack position or the back rack position and perform squats to full dept until you absolutely no longer can continue. You will have a spotter and someone there to help you. 

The best results will come for those of you who truly push this. Your legs should be shacking, you should feel a bit light headed (a bit), your body should be craving to put the bar down, hit one more rep and then your all done!



Max Rounds in 3 minutes of:


5 Thruster's @ 155#'s (obviously scalable)

10 Burpees 


Rest 1 minute and repeat for a total of 3 times







Carl's Gymnastics seminar is next weekend!


The Turkey Trot is coming up! Please sign up if you want to probably have one of the best Thanksgivings of your life. Seriously it is awesome to run your ass off with some friends and then meet with family to chow down on some food.  


The 9:00am crew rocked it today! Thank you for all of the new friends that came out to check us out.


Labor day




Workout for Tomorrow:



Team Workout with Sal at 11:00am 





Schedule for Tomorrow... All classes are in Santa Clara:


8:00am Open Gym

9:00am Free intro Class to Crossfit 

10:30am Mobility Class at CFSC 


Don't Forget:


Sign up for the Turkey Trot!!!!! It is an awesome event!

http://svturkeytrot.com/ Nov 25th


Coach Carl's Gymnastics seminar is on Nov 20th


Congratulations for those of you that achieved personal records on your deadlifts today! Those who chose not to go for a 1 rep max today, excellent job working on technique with heavy weight!

Here are a couple of pictures:







A few pics of the classes doing the WOD:







Workout for Tomorrow:



It'll be a surprise for all of you


(It's Saturday so you know it will be great no matter what it is)





My favorite part of this compliation is at 6:22 check it out....badass!


The team workout today was a lot of fun! The intensity was great. It makes each individual hold themselves accountable for their efforts and push that much harder.


Check out these videos of some of the classes:



Please remember that on Sat at 9:00am we offer a free intro to Crossfit Class hosted in Santa Clara.



Starting next week we will be adding a POWER LIFTING class to our schedule on Tues Thurs at 7:30pm IN SANTA CLARA. 


Want to compete in CrossFit???


I know several of you want to. Sectionals to qualify for the Crossfit Games will be in March. 


I propose that we set up a Saturday 10:00am competing in Crossfit class where people can get together starting next week. Sound good????



A few pics:


Just a badass picture

6:30 crew... Loved the intensity!!!



Workout for Tomorrow:



Deadlifting Heavy but concentrating big time on our set up and maintaining proper technique



5 Rounds for time of:


10 Deadlift's @ 225#'s    (Pull)

5 Hand Stand Push Up's    (Push)

10 Supine Ring Row's   (Pull) (these can be adjusted for each person's capability, they should be challenging)