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Keep in mind that still on our holiday schedule. Tomorrow (Thursday) the classes will be 7am, 12pm, and 5:30pm.

Friday, the only classes will be 7am and 12pm.


After the new year, we will be back on our normal schedule.


Dan got his first muscle up!!!! That smile says it all!




Paleo challenge information:

Another block of Body Fat Testing will be January 6th from 5-7pm if you are interested.


Please note that their will be many questions about the Paleo Challenge. This challenge is not meant for you to loose sleep over whether or not eating 1 peanut that you accidentally swallowed takes you out of the competition. 


The goal of this challenge is simply to eat better. Better then how you are currently eating and probably better than you ever will eat again. The goal is to push hard for 45 days and truly see the effects of good food. Note them and then make conscious decisions later on what you want to eat. My guess is not many of you will sustain such incredible discipline (myself included) after the challenge. However even a slight step back is still better than you are probably eating now. 



Please note that any employee of Crossfit can not win the pot. The pot will be split up differently due to the large amounts of entries. 



An Updated Paleo Challenge List:


Jason Khalipa               Level 10              
Sarah Goldspink            Level 7 
Deidre Elerath
Declan Gibbons             Level 9
Dana Newell
Jojo Reyes
Jaime Loera
Alyssa Betancourt
Rick Helmann                 
Alex Rollin 
Howard Cooperstein
Damon Do                   Level 6 
Mark Morgan               Level 9
Tatiana Costa             Level 8
Grace Tai
Sogol Matin                Level 8
Maura Brown              Level 10 
Max Malkov                Level 10 
Jarod Maupin              Level 10
Frank Richards            Level 8
Dave Lombardo
Michelle Hunter
Chase Morgan           Level 9
Rich Cahill               Level 8 
Zachary Graham      Level 10
Pam Graham           Level  9
Jeff Gordon             Level 10
Amiee Stepp            Level 8 
Magan Matal 
Matt Kennedy
Stacey McCauley    Level 9
Ann Trombetta      Level 3
Dave Hsu
Anna Lee
Nancy Tarng
Joshua Manglona
Robert Snyder
Cariste Blase        Level 10
Michael Melillo      Level 7 
Liz Feierabend       Level 7 
Miles Libbey           Level 7 

Workout for Tomorrow:

1 Clean and Jerk @ 135#'s the first minute
2 Clean and Jerks @ 135#'s the second minute
Continue this process until you can no longer complete the number in the time allotted.
13 Would be awesome!
Rest and recover then:
Weather permitting...
80 meter sprints 
100 meter sprints on the rower



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Danny, congrats on your Muscle-Up!!

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