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Schedule for Tomorrow:




Kunal and Raquel working the Turkish Getup

Noon Class floor press




The Paleo Challenge List so Far:

Paid to my knowledge, please let me know if you are not on this list or are but have not paid yet.


Jason Khalipa               Level 10              
Sarah Goldspink            Level 7 
Deidre Elerath
Declan Gibbons             Level 9
Dana Newell
Jojo Reyes
Jaime Loera
Rick Helmann                 
Alex Rollin 
Howard Cooperstein
Damon Do
Mark Morgan               Level 9
Tatiana Costa             Level 8
Grace Tai
Sogol Matin                Level 8
Maura Brown              Level 10 
Max Malkov                Level 10 
Jarod Maupin              Level 10
Frank Richards            Level 8
Dave Lombardo
Michelle Hunter
Chase Morgan           Level 9
Rich Cahill               Level 8 
Zachary Graham      Level 10
Pam Graham           Level  9
Jeff Gordon             Level 10
Amiee Stepp
Magan Matal 
Matt Kennedy
Stacey McCauley
Ann Trombetta      Level 3
Dave Hsu
Anna Lee
Nancy Tarng
Joshua Manglona
Robert Snyder
Cariste Blase        Level 10
Michael Melillo      Level 7 






Workout for Tomorrow:


Today was a semi easy workout, geared more towards developing strength then kicking your butt. 

Here it is for tomorrow, a bit different.


Row 500 meters

30 Box Jumps

30 Jumping Lunges

20 Box Jumps

20 Jumping Lunges

10 Box Jumps

10 Jumping Lunges

Row 500 meters





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