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Schedule for the rest of the week:


Tuesday-Thursday: 7am, 12pm, 5:30pm

Friday: 7am, 12pm only


Pierre and Joey workin' at 7am this morning.




Don't forget the GREG AMUNDSON SEMINAR in Santa Clara on January 15.

. For more info please visit: http://crossfitamundson.com/?page_id=1827




Paleo Challenge Info:

Note from Jason


Ok, so we have a TONNNN of people signed up!!!!! If you signed up and paid you should be receiving an email tonight. If you do not receive an email and have paid please let me know, if you want in please let me know before the 1st.


A few things to point out:



Many of you who are doing this challenge have decided on a very high start number like 10. Please be prepared for the commitment level that this will entail. I will need your exact start number by email before the 1st from EVERYONE.


Please eat! Your body needs fuel, fuel it! However, fuel it with the right foods especially before you come in. Please do not come in on no food and no liquids except a cup of coffee. 


The first 2-3 weeks will be tough...after that it should be smooth sailing and you should feel amazing....be prepared to be a bit grumpy and feel weak for a little bit.


Stay committed and update your google doc everyday


Lastly I want to add that on some occasions their may be some grey area on whether or not you can eat something. I want to start by saying if their is a "grey" area, simply go towards the no on this. Meaning if you are debating...hmm I wonder if Wine can be counted as my fruit for today? Lets side with the no on this. 

Why? The reason is not necessarily because 1 glass of wine is the end of the world, but more importantly you have committed to 45 days of a strict diet....finish it out strong, see how you feel, then have a glass of wine to celebrate!!!!


The "10 commandments" of the Paleo Challenge:



Workout for Tomorrow:



Skill/Strength work:

Perform Strict Pull Up's for 1 minute

Perform Turkish Get Up's for 1 minute @ a heavy weight

Perform Hand Stand Push Up's for 1 minute

Perform GHD Sit Ups for 1 minute (focus on technique)



10 Round's

10 Bent over Rows @ 135#'s (try to avoid any body language here)

10 Floor presses @ 135#'s (like bench press only you lay under the bar)


This workout may change dramatically tomorrow depending on how the weight/round's goes. You will not be winded here but your muscle stamina should become an issue.



If time allow's:

Partner Prowler Work 




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