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Schedule for this week:

Due to the holidays and the fact that many of you are traveling or taking vacation time, we will have an abbreviated class schedule throught this week. After the new year, the schedule will return back to normal. I hope that this works out for the majority of you.



    Normal schedule due to late notice. 7am,8am,12pm, 4:30pm,     5:30pm, 6:30pm


    7am, 12pm, 5:30pm


    7am, 12pm





Tomorrow I will put up a list of everyone to my knowledge who has paid to enter the challenge, if you have paid and your name is not on it please let me know. 

There has been one change to the Challenge. If you are going Level 10 or anything more than when you have to start using Coconut oil or full animal fats only for cooking this info is for you.

If you go out to eat, it will practically be impossible to see what they use to coat the pan with. Be advised that it will be acceptable to order for example a chicken breast and veggies plain(no added salt). If they happen to use some olive oil or a tad bit of butter to coat the pan it is acceptable. Please do not take advantage of this, this is assuming some of us go out to eat once or twice a week on the weekends. 

If we did not allow the above exception, none of us would be able to go out to eat at all for 45 days. 



Workout for Tomorrow:


Back Squatting, depending on the size of classes it will very what we do tomorrow. Maybe box squats, maybe just regular back squats.


5 rounds for time of:


7 Thruster's @ 115#'s

7 Pull Up's



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