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Another great day. I saw some awesome work on the clean pulls.


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Jason on the Kettle Bell Swing (American Style)

First lets look at the starting position:

Pics 0701

Chest is up, back is tight, weight is in my heels, I am not squatting the KB but instead in somewhat of a deadlifting position.

Pics 0745

In the finish, the bell gets overhead. In this case I went fully vertical but you don't have to.

Pics 0721

To initiate the movement the knees and hips drive through. The movement is focused on the hip extension and not arms at all.

Pics 0722

Here is an example of what I DON'T WANT on the way up. Many of you will find yourselves wanting to swing the bell. Take a look at how the bell is out front but my hips are still closed and my knees bent. This is an all arm driven movement here which is not what I want, keep in mind that the rappid extension of your hip is what drives this weight up.

Pics 0751

Lastly, on the way back down don't look the way I do in the picture above. I know how easy it is on the last few reps to get sloppy. Keep that back tight and chest up!



Many of you who feel this movement overwhelmingly in the lower back, typically have a slight loss in lumbar spine and also tend to move the weight with the lower back instead of the hips. If you fall into this category, go lighter and really try to learn to keep the back tight and drive from the hips more.



Workout for Tomorrow:


Stole this one from Austin (Crossfit Milpitas). I did it today with him. 


12 Ring Dips

33 Air Squats

18 Pull Ups

Sprint Roughly 75 meter's


Perform this for time....rest 90 seconds and repeat for a total of 4 rounds.




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