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For the time being, you might see some other trainers coaching some of the classes at night, especially early in the week. This is a great opportunity for you to get a different prospective on many of the movements and skills we perform. Between Santa Clara and Mountain View, we have a tremendous staff and I am excited to for them to bring their skills and work with all of you from time to time.


Paleo Challenge info:


I hope that the paleo challenge is going well for everyone. Many of you have expressed to me how good you feel and how much of an impact you have seen in appearance and energy levels. Keep it up! It sure has opened my eyes to the quality of food that we typically have access to. There are ways to look for higher quality foods through local farms. Stacey, one of our members, shared a way to buy local grass fed beef and pasture raised chickens, lamb, pork... etc. 


I thought this was really cool since it is so hard to find this stuff in the typical grocery store (although Sprouts in Sunnyvale has a decent selection for much cheaper than Whole foods).



The noon crew hitting the sprints hard!

Workout for Tomorrow: 


I realize that some of you skip all of the content of the blog and tend to just look at the pictures (I do this on menus at restaurants haha) and, of course, the workout of the day. So at this point, I just wanted to express to everyone how impressed I have been with your efforts. We are a very young gym and still growing, with many of you having very little prior experience with training. Collectively, you have shown tremendous improvements in movement, numbers, and a ton of dedication to improving weaknesses (ie: mobility). I wanted to thank you for the hard work and the resulting environment in the gym. I see this and your desire to improve and it makes my job a ton of fun every day! Keep up the good work!!!!! 



Clean Pulls Heavy.....(Pulls 1 and 2, not the catch) 

Once you can no longer accelerate through pull 2 (the "jump"), or when the movement looks just like a deadlift, you have gone too heavy. The intention is to overload pull 2 and build strength, feel, and awareness of the drive needed for rapid bar elevation.



Max rounds in 4 minutes of: 


10 KB swings @ 1.5 poods

10 Box Jumps


Rest 1 minute and repeat for 3 rounds




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A gym membership where you pay more if you don’t workout: http://nudges.org/2011/01/24/a-gym-membership-where-you-pay-more-if-you-dont-workout/

Another grass fed beef direct source: Stemple Creek Ranch: http://www.stemplecreek.com

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