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Great classes today; all around awesome day! Big shout out to the 7am and 8am morning classes! They were absolutely rockin' today. Great energy and great work out of everyone.

Sorry for the short post. I had some good pictures today, but left everything at the gym.

There will be pictures up in the morning.




Many of you who are wondering what to eat for breakfast before a morning workout. I'll start with an example of what not to eat...

The ultimate FALEO breakfast... too unreal not to post (Careful watching at work with language):


Workout for Tomorrow:


Work the Power Clean for at least 20 minutes



Team or partner up:


For Time....Row 500 meter's 

immediately after 

Max distance prowler push without stopping (this will have a lot of weight on it) Should be about 30-50 feet tops


Complete the above for 4 rounds each person 

 The bottle neck will be the rower's, not the prowler's since as soon as you stop its over.  


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