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I hope that everyone had an awesome weekend!


Let's discuss some goals!

I had talked about bringing this up around February. I think it is time to start thinking about short and long term goals for your fitness. We will definitely make this more structured very soon. These goals can reflect any aspect of fitness. Here are a couple of examples of what I am working towards. In the short term, be able to do 10 handstand pushups, unbroken (for some reason, these are absolutely killer for me). For the year, I'd like to have a 300lb clean and jerk. Just some ideas to spark some thoughts. What are your goals??? Post any goals to comments. If you need inspiration, check out the similar post and comments on the Santa Clara page.



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A couple of pictures from the weekend:

Great energy from the Saturday Crew!


The Sunday team workout.


Birthday WOD for Tomorrow:



Tabata Air Squats



2 Rounds:

10 DL @ 185#'s
10 Box Jumps  24"
10 V Ups 

Rest 1 minute 

3 Rounds:

10 DL @ 185#'s
10 Box Jumps  24"
10 V Ups 

Rest 1 minute 

5 Rounds:

10 DL @ 185#'s
10 Box Jumps  24"
10 V Ups 




Photo (13)

Kale chips.....they taste amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!


Simple directions. Tear the leaves off the stem, drizzle a little olive oil and a tad of sea salt on them, bake for 12-14 min @ 350 degrees. Enjoy!



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For the year:
Qualify for the CrossFit Games Regionals.
I'd like to spend more time on olympic lifting after the competition season: 300lb clean and Jerk, 240lb snatch.
Overhead squat 300lbs. Shoulder press 200lbs. (Yes, I enjoy lifting heavy things).

In the very short term (this month), I'd like to be able to do 10 handstand pushups unbroken (hands down, my biggest weakness!) and get better at pistol squats.

I constantly need to work on hip and ankle mobility, and I am making a concerted effort to do this daily!

As for CrossFit met-con stuff, my big goal was to finish the workout King Kong, which I did at the beginning of January. I'd like to do it under 5 minutes. I always feel that if you keep your strength up, continue to work on weaknesses, and hit the met-cons hard, this stuff takes care of itself.

Now for the big goals!!! 1) To have spikier hair than Jaime. 2) To have better facial hair than Rick. 3) To have bigger triceps than Jason.


- get a MUSCLE UP!
- butterfly pullup
- 20 consecutive double unders

As the opens approach I want to be ready mentally to give 110% in every WOD. In the meantime I will emphasize solid sleep, continuing with my paleo diet, and training smart.


- learn kipping pullups (defined as doing 10 consecutive legit pullups)
- 20 burpees in one minute
- 300lb deadlift
- 150lb split jerk
- 20 overhead squats with 65lbs (unbroken)

plus way too many more to list them all

Alex, I've been doing handstands (at least a minute at a time.. last time 'twas 3min long..) just staying there doing nothing. This has helped me in my HSPU for sure. Now, I'm able to get on one handstand at a time, bringing the other hand up to the waist, and alternate. Jaime showed me that one, lol. Do this daily, and you'll reach your goal for sure.

- 165lb Clean & Jerk
- 10 Double Unders
- 20 Pull-Ups
- 20 OHSquats unbroken 75lbs
- Legit HSPU
- Work on this every time I have free mins at the gym
- Kill each Crossfit Open WOW!

Double-unders (plural!): be able to do WODs involving DU's without having to modify.
Pull-ups: Get at least one unassisted pull-up; ideally chain them and do WODs with no band.
Handstand: Get one, at least against a wall, and start working on HSPU's.

- 5 muscle ups in a row
- Double unders
- Butterfly pullups

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