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Please remember that we will have a limited Schedule on Monday

12:00pm, 5:30pm Only



This Sunday you are all invited to Triune Jiu-Jitsu's Student Appreciation BBQ/Party

Sunday, February 20th
12:00 noon - 4:00 pm
Anytime is Taco Time (chicken, beef, pork) The same we had tonight....why not right
Various side dishes
Beer, wine, juice



The Fiesta Friday was awesome, a huge thank you to everyone who came out. Now that I will be spending more time home on the weekends I would like to make these events more often. I will keep you all posted.


The Fiesta Friday/ Paleo Challenge Crew  





Schedule for Tomorrow:


9:00am Workout! in Santa Clara...



Workout for Tomorrow:


Max Rounds in 12 Minutes of:


5 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

10 Clean and Jerk's @ 95#'s


More advanced? Try 5 Squat Cleans @ 135#'s




Reminder, no afternoon classes tomorrow due to the Paleo Challenge Party in Santa Clara!!!!!


Schedule for tomorrow:


7am, 8am, 12pm are on as usual... There is no 4:30 or 5:30 class in Mountain View. Come workout over in Santa Clara in the Afternoon... then PARTY!!!!

Party at 6:30pm in Santa Clara!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone is welcome.


Schedule for Monday:


There will be a limited Schedule on Monday due to the President's day holiday. Most likely, we will only have a 12pm and 5:30 pm class. I will confirm this ASAP.



CrossFit Games Regional Tryout Information:

For those who would like to compete in CrossFit...

"Get Ready for the Open!" - video [wmv] [mov]



The 6:30 class working together on Row intervals.



Workout for Tomorrow:


Tabata Hollow Rock


For Bob's Birthday Workout:

Sprint 10 meters
10 KB swings @ 2 pood
Sprint back 10 meters
10 box jumps  24"
5 burpees
Sprint back
You will work in groups of 3, you get to rest while your partner's go. 
We did this workout once before, its awesome!!!
We will be going for 15-20 minutes or so, I'll adjust in the AM and will be coaching all classes except noon.



Schedule for Friday:

Party in Santa Clara at 6:30pm. Food will be catered. Anyone is welcome!!!

As a result, there will be no afternoon classes on Friday in Mountain view (4:30pm and 5:30pm are canceled). If you want to get a workout in, feel free to do it at our Santa Clara location and enjoy the party after.

The 7am, 8am, 12pm classes are on as usual.



Want to see the sign of a great workout??? 


Sam's face says it all!!!

Seriously, nice work again today! Here are some more post-workout aftermath pictures:




Workout for Tomorrow:


Back by Popular Demand.....The Snatch


5 minutes: Pull Number 1 (the snatch style deadlift)

5 minutes: Pull Number 1+2 (add in the hip ext and high pull)

10 minutes: Hang Squat Snatch (start from a hang and pull yourself under the bar)

10 minutes: Full Snatch


These are obvious just guidelines, my goal is for you guys to simply get better at a challenging movement.




500 meter row intervals with a partner

You go, then they go, you get to rest while they go. Repeat this a total of 4 times.


And Finally the full thing!!!! Watch the video below please!



WOW! I am really happy with how hard everyone is working at the gym!!! I told you all from day one, your effort and positive attitude is what we care about most. I am getting really pumped up with the hard efforts being put out by each class! You guys are pushing yourselves hard, and each other hard. This attitude definitely contagious permeates throughout each class and it makes for an incredible environment. I love seeing people going out of their way to help someone or cheer on another member. I am also seeing big, big improvements in movement! All around great stuff!!!



The 7am crew workin' hard as usual.


Olympic Lifting (the snatch, specifically)




Jason put together a great piece on the snatch and how to keep it simple. Remember to start with the big picture first. Don't get in your head too much. As you progress, then get into the more detailed aspects of the movement (there is a lot!!!).



The bar starts at mid shin, this is the beginning of my 1st pull

hook grip is on the bar

my grip is the same as my overhead squat grip

my knees are slightly more flared out than in a regular deadlift

My butt is lower and chest is higher than in a regular deadlift to help me get in a better jumping position later in the movement.


Fast forward a second and here we are at the mid thigh position, aka pockets. My chest is over the bar, arms are locked out, hamstrings are firing and I am ready to explode.


I am now in my jumping position aka second pull. All this really is is my knees shooting back in front of the bar and getting ready to propel it upward. Notice that the bar here is at hip height or so.


So now I am at the finish of the second pull, my hip is fully extended and the bar is propelling upward. 


I now begin my third pull, aka the shrug under. This is where I am literally pulling myself under the bar to catch in an overhead squat.


The middle of the 3rd pull, I am actively trying to pull myself under the bar. My elbows are high and outside, the bar is close to me, and I am going back down under the bar.


The overhead squat aka the "catch position." Notice in the catch, the bar is directly over my mid foot, my weight is in my heels, I am actively pushing up on it, my knees track my toes, and I am slightly below parallel.




Workout for Tomorrow:



Practice what you suck at for a bit 



Max Rounds in 3 Minutes:

5 Shoulder to Overhead @ 95#'s

5 Burpees 


Rest 1 minute

Max Rounds in 3 minutes:

5 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls @ 95#'s

5 Pull Ups


Rest 1 minute

Max Rounds in 3 minutes of:

5 Front Squat's @ 95#'s

5 V-Ups


Rest 1 minute

Max Rounds in 3 minutes of:



If you can't tell I was in the mood for a few burpees. Today Jaime, Jason, Rick and myself did max burpees in 20 MINUTES!!! Thought you guys could do 3 without a problem at all.



That was a tough workout today. Nice job getting through it!!! I thought everyone did a great job pushing themselves hard.



Last day of the Paleo Challenge, today!!!


PALEO CHALLENGE FOLKS, PLEASE EMAIL Jason (jason@crossfitsantaclara.com) WITH THE AMOUNT OF POINTS YOU HAVE LEFT. IF I DO NOT RECEIVE AN EMAIL BY THURS YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE DRAWING, I will consider this your way of saying that you do not have any points left.



New Body Fat testing times are available on Feb 16th from 5-8pm



PAARRRRTTTTYYYYY in Santa Clara on Friday!!!!!!


On Friday at 6:30pm, we will be hosting a party/hangout/get-together. Anyone is welcome!!!! The party will be in Santa clara, so we will shut down the Mountain View gym on Friday afternoon after the noon class. It would be great to see as many Mountain View members as possible. Oh, and there will be food... lots of food!!!!!! All you have to do is bring your appetite. 




Kelly Starrett's Mobility Seminar March 12-13th


This one-day seminar is a performance oriented workshop for athletes and coaches wishing to develop effective mobility and flexibility strategies, improve ideal athlete positioning and movement set-up, and implement whole-body maintenance practices. Attendees will understand how to: Improve force production, increase work outputs, avoid common and preventable movement dysfunction and injury, and understand how to address simple performance related myo-fascial and joint mobility issues.

What does this seminar really mean to me?

  • Improve Your Fran Time
  • Squat More
  • Improve Your Overhead Capacity
  • Remain Injury Proof,
  • Increase Your Area Under the Work Capacity Curve
  • How to Understand and End Your Athletic Pain

Seminar Goals:

  • Improve understanding of key anatomical elements as they relate to functional movement, and as performance limiters.
  • Increase awareness of "best-fit" biomechanical set-up and movement strategies for optimal work and force outputs.
  • Understand movement compromise strategies for specific movement outcomes.
  • Develop an understanding of common movement dysfunctions and a systematic model for addressing common problems associated with strength and conditioning training.
  • Develop effective abdominal/spine stabilization strategies
  • Understand and apply neuro-muscular stretching methods
  • Understand methods to improve overhead positioning and efficacy
  • Develop methods to address common myo-fascial pain/dysfunction
  • Understand how to treat soft tissue injuries
  • Develop better movement preparation strategies

Coach Kelly Starrett founded San Francisco CrossFit in 2005 with his wife Juliet. Since opening its doors as one of the first 50 CrossFit affiliates, this athletic training center has become a prime coaching resource for coaches and athletes alike including reigning Olympians, national and world champions, triathletes, runners, and recreational athletes. Kelly received his Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2007 from Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, CA. Before starting his own physical therapy practice at San Francisco CrossFit, he practiced performance-based physical therapy at the world-renowned Stone Clinic. In current practice, Kelly continues to focus on performance-based Orthopedic Sports Medicine with and on returning athletes to elite level sport and performance. His clients see exceptional results from his progressive blend of manual physical therapy and strength training. Kelly's clients have included reigning Olympic gold-medalists world champions, world-class extreme skiers and X-Games medalists, professional dancers with Smuin, Sacramento Ballet Companies, elite military operators, and competitive age-division athletes.





It's not uncommon to see someone like this after a workout. However it is very rare that you find someone out of all places on the concrete outside. It's amazing the comfortable places you find after a workout.



"Handstands are tough in snow."

Badass picture of Brook in Tahoe. If you are ever traveling and have any cool pics (doesn't have to be handstands), send them my way so I can post them on the website.


Workout for Tomorrow:



Work the Snatch (full snatch) for at least 20 minutes


20 Deadlift's @ 225

30 Push Ups

Row 250 meters


Complete the above sequence, rest 2 minutes, then repeat for a total of 4 rounds.




The Paleo Challenge is over in 2 days!


It has been a lot of fun hearing about your experiences with the paleo lifestyle. Some of you made drastic changes to your diet. Others, simply cleaned up a few things. No matter what level of participation, everyone saw some incredible and inspiring results! Remember, just because the challenge is over, don't discontinue your healthy lifestyle. You just don't have to be so hard-core about it. Great work everyone. And to celebrate the completion of the Paleo Challenge, there will be a...


Party on Friday in Santa Clara at 6:30pm.


We will most likely close the Mountain View gym on Friday afternoon (morning and noon classes will be on as usual) in order to have as many of you there for the party as possible. It would also be a great way for many of you to meet and workout with our Santa Clara counterparts! ANYONE IS WELCOME, REGARDLESS IF YOU PARTICIPATED IN THE PALEO CHALLENGE OR NOT!!!!!




Jason has a good message about calluses and torn hands, I thought I would share:


So I am sure I can speak for most of us when I say that torn hands suck. You bleed all over the bar, can't shake hands with someone, it burns when you get in the shower or wash your hands. Oh and lets not forget if you accidentally put hand sanitizer on....wowwwwww!!! Stings right.


So we know their is an issue with torn hands, lets talk of how to avoid it.


What normally happens when you tear your hands is that one of your calluses builds up, this "build up" then starts getting rubbed against the bar and ultimately causes a tear.


The answer.....don't allow your calluses to build up!


I have done more pull ups, cleans, and every other movement that tears up your hands than I can begin to count. The only thing that has ever worked for me is shaving my calluses. A pumis stone also works but I find the razor blade a lot better. 



The easiest way I have found to get rid of calluses that cause potential rips.




Photo (1)

Find a used razor blade, it ruins your blade so make sure its not a brand new one unless you don't mind. 

Photo (2)

Literally shave your hand...I have done this a ton of times and have yet to cut myself so don't be worried. Try finding the areas that "rise up" and cut them down. You will begin to feel everything smoothen out.

Photo (3)

The Finished product. Do I have pretty hands? No, but at least my calluses are under control and my potential to tear is minimal.

Photo (4)



Workout for Tomorrow:



Here is a Hero workout a few of us did from Crossfit.com. It was awesome and I think you guys should try. It's truly terrible to see all of these hero workouts come up on the main page of Crossfit, the least we can do is hit a workout hard in their honor.




Seven rounds for time of:
1.5 pood Kettlebell swing, 15 reps
95 pound Power clean, 15 reps
15 Box jumps, 24" box



Enlarge image

U.S. Army Sergeant Jeremiah Wittman, 26, of Darby, Montana, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, based out of Fort Carson, Colorado, was killed on February 13, 2010, when insurgents attacked his unit with a roadside bomb in Zhari province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his daughters Miah and Ariauna, wife Karyn, siblings Robert H., Charity, Jenell, and Natasha, father Robert, and mother Cynthia Church.




Schedule for Tomorrow:


10:00am Mobility Class

11:00am Class (Team workout)




A few pics from the Sat class today! Come on by for a Saturday Class, the energy is always awesome with both Crossfit Santa Clara and Mountain View member's together.



Photo Photo

All weekend workouts are hosted at CrossFit Santa Clara.


Please remember that if you would like to bring a friend in tomorrow please feel free.




Workout for Tomorrow:



With a running clock of 15 minutes:


Run 400 meters

30 Pull Ups

40 Push Ups

50 Air Squats 


With the time remaining perform max rounds of:


5 Clean and Jerks @ 135#'s

15 Sit ups





Don't forget about Mobilitywod.blogspot.com





So why do we squat so much in the gym?


It is definitely the foundation of any fitness program. It is the way that you will develop the most overall body strength. And, you never know when a good squat will come in handy. It is the ultimate functional movement. Just ask David:


Excellent form. Weight in the heels, lumbar curve maintained, hips below parallel, knees over toes... pants around the ankles??? 




Next Friday's Paleo Challenge Party in Santa Clara at 6:30pm:

Any one is welcome to the party, regardless if you participated in the challenge or not. There will be great food, great people, and all around great times!


We will most likely host our afternoon classes in Santa Clara and close down for the Paleo Challenge Party. The 7am, 8am, 12pm are still a go in Mountain View. If anyone has an issue with this, let me know. I will keep you updated.


Workout for Tomorrow:



Find a friend, find a moderately heavy weight, lift it from the ground to a standing position for about 10 minutes back and forth.


Deadlift in sets of 2-5 for about 10 sets



15 KB swings   1.5 pood

1 Box Jump     20 inch box

14 KB swings

2 Box Jump

Continue until you hit

1 KB swings

15 Box Jumps






We are getting more equipment in this week!


I realize that our classes are getting larger, and as we continue to grow, we will keep adding more and more. This week we will add a new rower, a few more barbells, and some more plates.



The mental game of CrossFit:

Today, many of you felt the grind of a high volume, highly intense workout and had a hard time fighting through it. Find a way to mentally break up the workout to keep your motivation up. Sometimes thinking about the big picture will allow the feeling of despair to set in. Don't let this happen. Understand that you are more likely to hit a mental barrier before you hit your physical limits. Find a way to keep pushing. Get comfortable being uncomfortable!

Here are a few mental approaches that I try and apply during a workouts that keep pushing my physical limits:

Stay focused:

Think about the task at hand, not the entirety of the work you have to do. Sounds cliche, but take it one task at a time. Work as hard as you can at that given task, then focus on the next one when you get there.

Mentally break up sets or tasks:

Try mentally breaking up each task into parts. Doing 50 burpees straight is absolutely miserable (for me at least). Instead of thinking about how big of a number 50 reps is, mentally break up the sets into 5 sets of 10 and don't stop moving. Sometimes just changing your mindset can definitely help. Or on a run, pick a landmark and work your ass off to get to that point, then pick out another one. 


Be encouraging to others. Seeing that people have your back and that others are working just as hard can help keep you accountable for your effort and keep you motivated.


You don't have to verbalize it (not everybody wants to compete), but find someone who you look up to and try and keep up with them or beat them. It can be task to task, or throughout the entire workout. If you are on a run, catch the person in front of you, regardless if you are a round ahead or a round behind. Playing these mental games will help you push harder than you could on your own.

Set goals:

Many of you are very good about setting goals. Whether it is a goal for that workout, or long term goals, this can be more than enough motivation to get you through the grind. Remember, everyone likes doing stuff they are good at. Find a way to make your weaknesses stronger.


If anyone has any other ideas, let me know. I'd be interested to hear.


The 6:30 class working "speed front squats" in groups. Awesome work today!




Workout for Tomorrow:



In teams of 4 the following stations are each completed for 45 seconds, you then have 15 seconds to move and get ready for the next excercise.


Hip Extensions


Clean and Jerk @ 135#'s 95#'s

Prowler Push (you stop at 45 seconds and your partner takes over at that position)


Team up with people who are similar heights for the GHD machine and can handle similar weights for the Cleans and Prowler.


If we have an uneven amount of people, no worries.


 Each team will go until they hit 300 calories combined!