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The workout today was really cool! The incentive to earn your rest made everyone push really hard. Although, some of you made the wall sits look easy. Check out this picture of Scott below. I had to make them a little tougher on him. He must not ever use chairs; it literally looked like he could do this all day.


Scott showing the wall-sit who's boss.


Breakdown of the Split Jerk (from Jason):


Lets talk about the Push Jerk or Split Jerk as demoed below.


The goal of a "Jerk" is to get a heavy object locked out overhead from the rack position. 



Let's talk about the rack position. On a jerk our grip widens slightly and our elbows raise up slightly (compared to the shoulder press) to allow for the bar to sit comfortably on our shoulders. Keep in mind that unlike a shoulder press, we are creating energy through our body that eventually wants to transfer through the bar. To make this happen, the bar must be resting on our shoulders. A wider grip helps for a decreased distance to travel and easier ability to pop your head through in the finish.

Our midline is tight, we take a deep breath in and maintain a "hollow" position from start to finish of this movement.


The Dip. Your butt, back and head are in a straight line. Your knees slightly shoot forward but keep in mind that the angle of your hip is decreasing here. That decreased hip angle will then re-open in a second to cause the upward momentum on the bar. Some athletes may want to slightly toe out their feet and track them with their knees to keep their torso more vertical easier.


The Drive. I have now fully opened my hips, driving through my heels, and squeezing my butt creating elevation on the barbell. This barbell is almost as high as it should be at this point. It is now weightless and floating upward in space. 


The Catch. Once reaching full extension of the hip in the previous picture, I immediately re-close that hip and drop under the load locking out my arms on the way down. The load never goes up past the previous picture (or very little) I instead drop under it and use my legs to drive it up. Keep in mind that I am doing a split jerk here but the push jerk would be identicle however my feet would simply move out to my squat stance instead of my split stance. Many people prefer the split stance because it allows them to keep their torso more verticle in the catch.


You finish with both feet under your body, arms locked out, rib cage down and tight, head through the arms. 



Workout for Tomorrow:



Split or Push Jerk for a 1 Rep Max (stay tight!!!!!!!!!)

Wear a belt if needed on heavy heavy loads.



7 Minutes of "GO"


On "GO" you sprint about 50 feet and back (should be done outside, weather permitting)

Complete 1 KB swing 2 pood

Sprint 50 feet and back

Complete 2 KB swings 2 pood

Sprint 50 feet and back

Complete this cycle for 7 minutes.


Immediately after 7 minutes are up........

Partner/Team Prowler Push (3-5 a person)




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