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Our Class Scheduling:


I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Hosting the classes in Mountain View was a lot of fun!


I have always said that I am open to schedule change if enough people demand it. That being said, many of you have expressed interest in having a class on Saturday in Mountain View every weekend. The reason we haven't is because we really enjoy bringing the communities of the two gyms together and allowing everyone to work out together. I realize, however, that this drive is unappealing to many of you.


So the question for discussion:

Do you want to see a class on Saturday mornings in Mountain View every weekend? 


Post to comments with your reply. Or discuss this with me/the class at the gym as well.



A couple of coaches' takes on a running workout.


My take on running for a workout... 


We don't run (or just run) very often. The reason is that most people tend to run long distances at a very low intensity (the longer the time domain of a workout, the lower the inherent intensity anyway). When we do our running, it is usually mixed in with other tasks and it is performed at near maximal effort. Tomorrow, we will be running a 5k. Part of varying our training is by going out to more of the extreme ends of the spectrum of every sport (Just like a max effort lift). It is important to perform some longer endurance tasks. It another way to keep our training constantly varied.


Some of you will look forward to tomorrow, other maybe not so excited. Either way, think of it as just another challenge presented to you. Attack this workout with the same kind of effort that we hit every other workout and you will have a great time with it. I know all of you will accept the challenge and hit it hard!!!


Jason's take on (just) running for a workout:


Some gyms do a lot of running. Some gyms do no running. Some gyms do some running like ours.

Why do we not run long everyday or even often? I believe their are better ways to get fit...Crossfit. Constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity. 

Many many things fall under this umbrella, one of which is running. Although I am not a huge fan of going long often when it comes to running I do believe their is a place for it. I also believe that we have not ran long in way too long!





Here is a cool video that Michael put together of the gyms... Nice work, Michael.




Workout for Tomorrow:


Run a 5k


Some of you guys are probably looking at this and saying HELL YA! Other's (like myself) are saying....dammit. 

I assure you this....walk in the door and either way you will leave happy. Practice what you suck at and feel good afterwards. 






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I would LOVE to have a MTV saturday workout, but I can only come after 1130am or early at like 7am. I would be there every saturday :)

yes for a saturday class. The later the better (10 or after but i could do 9)

Yes on a Saturday class - 9 am works for me best!

10am would be awesome

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