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Fight Gone Bad is always a fun event! Remember the scores to this one, everyone. You will see it again. It is a great conditioning benchmark to go back to. Please, start tracking your workouts so you can get a baseline for your improvements!


The look after the "championship rounds"


 Don't forget about our CrossFit Kids program:


I know that it is not always as convenient for the Mountain View crew, however, we have an awesome kids program in Santa Clara. In fact, they just got a huge shout out on the CrossFit main page. Look at the photo for today... www.crossfit.com


Weekend Schedule:


Please keep in mind that this weekend (Sat and Sun) our classes will be moved to our Mountain View location due to a Crossfit Certification taking place in Santa Clara.



Pull up pictures:




Does anyone notice the big difference between Josh (above) and Jason (below)???????


Josh is strong as hell, they both doing a pull up and are both at the top of the pull up. Please notice the hips. Can you see how Josh's hip angle is still closed off where as Jason's is fully open. The extension of the hip, is extremely important for efficiency.


Can Josh do 20 or 30 this way, absolutely. But his arm strength will burn out a lot faster than his hips will. Using your hips to generate momentum is key to all athletic movements. Tomorrow try and focus on using your hips and not just muscling up the pull up. 





Workout for Tomorrow:



Snatch Practice 


Pull up Practice




Max Rounds in 12 minutes of:


7 Pull Ups 

5 Power Snatches @ 135#'s

3 Squat Cleans @ 135#'s



Quick tips for the Kip



I was really pumped to see so many of you come in today and lift heavy. Great efforts getting out of your comfort zones and attempting challenging weights! 



Front Squat technique (elbow positioning)


Today, in warm ups, we emphasized the importance of maintaining a high elbow position in the front squat. It is an absolute necessity to keep your positioning in the front squat and maintain the "shelf" in the front rack position. Most of you tend to lose this position at the bottom of the squat as you transition to stand up with the weight.


Here is a picture of the 4:30 class working a drill to simulate the movement with a good elbow position at the bottom of the squat (not how high the elbows are):





Breast Cancer Fund Raiser:


Stacey is raising money for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Please take a look at her link below. Our community is so great, if you can please make a donation or show up for Wine and Cheese night (below) that would be awesome. Proceeds from the night go towards her charity. 


Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Home

Wine & Cheese Night

For: Fundraiser for the Avon Walk For Breast Cancer
When: Saturday, March 26, 2011 1:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.
Address: 1389 Lincoln Avenue San Jose, CA






Nice picture of the 6:30 crew:




Workout for Tomorrow:



We haven't done one of my favorites in a while.....


Any guesses???



Fight Gone Bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The CrossFit workout is ‘Fight Gone Bad.’ In this workout you spend one minute at each of five stations, resulting in a a five-minute round after which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. This event calls for five rounds. The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. On call of ‘rotate,’ the athletes must move to the next station immediately. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower, where each calorie is one point.


The stations are:

  1. Wall-ball, 10 ft target (Reps)
  2. Sumo deadlift high-pull (Reps)
  3. Box jump (Reps)
  4. Push-press (Reps)
  5. Row (Calories)



It was awesome to see so many of you compete in the CrossFit Games Open on Friday and Saturday mornings!!! I saw some really inspiring performances. It will be a fun 6 weeks of workouts. Thanks to all of those who performed the workouts and for those who were there to support their friends and family!!!


Don't forget to update your scores and join our team on the games website:






Many of you have Ankle mobility issue's, here are a few ways to get better at it.







Workout For Tomorrow:


Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3 Heavy!



10 Rounds for time of:


10 Kettlebell Swings

10 Box Jumps


Set your KB weight and Box jump height so that you can continue to move but be challenged. 





Big things in the works for our website. Soon both blogs will be combined.



Photo (23)

The Mountain View Crew after hitting workout one of the Crossfit Open.

Photo (24)

This morning I got to train about 40 Marine Recruits, awesome experience. 

Photo (25)

The 9:00am crew doing some Hollow Rocks.




Workout for Tomorrow: 



11:00am Team Workout with Sal




Tomorrow Ranbir will also be bringing in Omelettes for sale from 8:30am until 11:30 or so. 



There is an amazing video of Maura on the Crossfit Journal. Here is a short clip, this would be a great reason to pay the $25 and get the journal.



"From Losing 124 Pounds to the Open" by Maura BrownCrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]





Photo (19)

The 7am Crew....awesome group this morning.



Below are pics from our "Train the Trainer's" meeting today. Weekly the crew and I get together to find ways to get better, please let us know if you would ever like to be a test subject for one of our meetings. This week we had Brethren and Silicon Valley Crossfit join which was awesome.

Photo (20) Photo (21) Photo (22)



Schedule for Tomorrow:


Open Gym 7:00am-9:00am


Class 9:00am

Open Workout 10:00 or so



Workout for Tomorrow:


To be determined, come in and have some fun!


CrossFit Competitors will compete at 9am tomorrow in Mountain View!


To anyone who would like to participate in the CrossFit Games Open: we are getting a group together at 9am to do the 1st workout.


Why compete?


It is not for everyone... However, It doesn't matter if you think you can win or not. There is no downside to doing the competition, even if you think you will struggle through the workouts. Does everyone who runs a marathon think they will win??? Of course not. The competition will bring out the best in you, you will see where you sit among other athletes, and you will be surrounded with friends to push you hard! 


Post to comments if you can be there tomorrow... Here is what will go down and how you can compete and help out...

  1. If you would like to compete, visit www.games.crossfit.com. Sign up and show up tomorrow to do the workout. DO IT!!!

  2. If you would like to be a judge, please come by and help us judge the athletes in the workouts.

  3. If you want to see your friends and CrossFit Mountain View "family" work their asses off, come on in and cheer them on! It will be a lot of fun!!! 

  4. If you can't make it as a competitor at 9am and want to do the workout, let me know and we can make it work. Post to comments if this is an issue.


If you cant make it tomorrow, we will be hosting the workout again in Santa Clara at 10:30 on Saturday morning. All of the above still applies!



Muscle-up skill video on opening up the hips...




Normal class schedule tomorrow!



Workout for Tomorrow:



Shoulder Press (without using your legs, press heavy loads overhead)

Go Heavy, sets of 1-3 please



Max Rounds in 4 minutes of:


5 Toes to Bar

5 Power Cleans @ 185#'s


Rest 1 minute and repeat for 4 rounds


This workout may change a bit tomorrow.




Busy day at the gym. I was impressed with the fact that after two really tough workouts, so many of you came in and crushed the workout today. Oh ya, congrats on all of the PR's on the deadlifts!!!!!


Here are a couple of photos:


First of all, I promised Koushik a Facebook profile picture since he didnt get one last time... Here you go! Congrats on the BIG PR!!!



I love this picture of the noon crew post workout. Check out Sally in the middle of the photo, she looks like she got knocked out.



Post workout partner stretching... I love to see this!



A full white board... Badass!!!





Workout for Tomorrow:



Practice what you suck at for a while


Complete the following for time:



Run 400 meters 

Row 400 meters

2 sled pulls (there and back is one)

2 Prowler Pushes (there and back is one)

Run 400 meters 

Row 400 meters

2 sled pulls (there and back is one)

2 Prowler Pushes (there and back is one)


The pre-lift mental checklist:


Every time you pick up a barbell (or any other lift or movement for that matter) make sure you go through a mental checklist before you lift. This will help you prevent easily avoidable mistakes that will lead to missed lifts, inefficient movement, or even unsafe movement (I hear that's bad). This stuff may seem really obvious, but these are the most common mistakes I see, and I see them daily. When you get better at the movements, this will take you less than 1/2 a second. Here is what I want everyone thinking before you lift:


  • Is your stance correct?

Know what stance you need for each movement!!! Set your stance first so you don't have to think about it later. Address the bar (walk up to it) with the stance you need before you do anything else. If it is a complex movement, know the stance you will land in!


  • Do you have the proper grip for the lift?

This includes everything from grip type to grip distance. Olympic lifts NEED a hook grip. GET USED TO THIS! I know it is uncomfortable at first, but you will be wondering how you did the Olympic lifts before without it. 

Make sure your grip is even!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at the bar as you set your grip!!!!! If you grab it blindly, you will miss lifts! It is a silly mistake that will negate a lot of effort and energy. Use the markings on the bar as a guide and learn where you put your hands for each lift. DON'T WASTE REPS!


  • Is your positioning correct?

This can get a little trickier, but in each movement we do, you must go through a series of positions. As you learn each movement, be aware of each starting positions, finish positions, and checkpoints in between. For the purpose of this conversation, see if you are in a good starting position.


  • Is your weight in your heels (about 99% of every movement we do in the gym)

This will engage larger muscle groups and allow us to move safely and efficiently.


  • Is your back set (maintaining lumbar curve)?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Olympic lifting notes:


First of all, I got really pumped up today seeing everyone improve on the Olympic lifts! For those of you who worked with me today, I definitely threw a lot of information at you. I thought everyone did really well and I saw some big improvements in your lifts!!! If you take one thing from today, KEEP IT SIMPLE!!! Remember, these are natural movements. We give you cues such as, "Jump!" to allow you to take the thought process out and just move. We can get more into the details as you improve with the movements.



 Snapshot of some of the 4:30 crew Olympic lifting during today's Met-Con



CrossFit Games Open:


The CrossFit Games Open kicks off tonight. For those of you who are competitors and cannot make it to Santa Clara, do not worry. Set it up with me or another trainer and we can verify your times! 




Workout for Tomorrow:



Heavy Deadlifting (no set scheme, just lift heavy objects)


It's going to be quick! Which mean's you guys need to push extra hard.


As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:


10 SDHP's @ 75#'s

7 Sit Ups

5 Burpees


I really liked what I saw today at the gym!!!!!


Great intensity with the squats. Strength days are so important to your fitness and it was great to see all of you hit it hard!!! There is a huge mental component to heavy lifts, and it was great to see everyone challenge themselves. Awesome atmosphere in the gym all day. 



Don't forget that the CrossFit Open Competition WOD is announced tomorrow evening...


A little warmup action from the noon crew


Workout for Tomorrow:



It's Austin B of Crossfit Milpitas' Birthday Tomorrow! We must celebrate with him. 



Max Rounds in 32 Minutes of:


3 Power Snatches @ 135#'s/ 95#'s

5 Squat Cleans @ 135#'s/ 95#'s

15 Push Ups

20 Jumping Lunges

35 Double Under's

50 foot 45# plate carry (plate can not touch your body) 


Don't let the number's scare you. Come on in and get in the zone, 32 minutes will fly by! 



Get ready to start the week off right!



The CrossFit open competition is beginning this week. We will host judged competitions in Santa Clara on Wednesdays and Saturdays. For those of you who cannot make these events, we can find a way to get an official submission for the Mountain View competitors. For those who are competing, we will chat tomorrow about this.




This weekend I attended an olympic lifting certification and I picked up some extremely valuable information. What an awesome experience! I can't wait to share what I picked up with all of you.


On a side note, if you ever have an opportunity to check out a specialty cert that CrossFit offers, do it! They are run by some of the top coaches in their respective fields. 




The Mobility Cert:


Here are a few pics from the mobility cert at Santa Clara this weekend. Kelly came by and did a great job with us.


Bottom line.....crappy positioning= crappy movement and execution.


Let's fix those positions! We have lacrosse balls, bands, foam rollers, and partners to help us out.



IMG_0942 IMG_0943 IMG_0944IMG_0946 IMG_0947 IMG_0948 IMG_0949




Workout for Tomorrow:


Back Squat 


Each set should get slightly heavier, these are work sets...warm ups don't count



5 Rounds for time of:


10 Ring Dips

20 Wall Ball Shots