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Are you cherry picking workouts???


Have you ever taken a look at the website and seen the workout of the day and based on that information decided not to go to the class??? Please, do not let this happen!!! Don't let this throw off your consistency! One of the most common reasons why I think people skip certain days when they would otherwise have come in:


The workout looks too hard. "I can't do that" or "I don't like that movement":


This is no reason to not show up. Remember, we can scale anything!!!! If you never practice the movement or its progressions, you will have a tough time advancing.

Also, certain movements will be harder for you than others. The movements/workouts you are not good at or present a great challenge to you should be the ones you make sure you show up to! We really only are as strong as our weakest link. You may end up enjoying something you thought you didn't like. Find a way to turn your weaknesses into strengths! Improving on something that challenges you is one of the most satisfying things you will do in the gym.


I am not necessarily accusing anyone of cherry picking, but I know that it does happen. Most of you take on these challenges head on and have seen amazing results because of it! Try your best not to over-think what you perceive the workout to be. It may be far different than you imagine.




The 4:30 crew during the workout:


The 4:30 crew after the workout








Please remember that May 2nd we will be having a blood drive. Please visit https://www.sbcdonor.org/index.cfm




Please remember that Crossfit Santa Clara will be closed this weekend. All weekend classes will be hosted in CrossFit Mountain View.





Workout for Tomorrow:

The goal here is to keep increasing weight and eventually fail or allllmosssst fail.
Rowing intervals. Distance and amount to be decided. The main objective for tomorrow is the deadlift. 



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Lately for me it's been a lot more of checking the site on a day I can't make it and being sorry I'm missing that day's WOD. ("Woah, I've never done an L hang before, sounds like fun, damn.")

The L-hang was hard. Something else to add to my list of things to work on before/after class.

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