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Today was a blast seeing over 25 of you come in and do the hero workout!!! 




Some of the crew in action today:




Just a funny video....let's not try and get too serious at Crossfit.





Workout for Tomorrow: 



10 rounds of:

5 Glute Ham Raises (do not attempt until hamstrings are warm)

3 Front Squats at 225#'s or heavier if 225 is not a challenge


This should be done casually, not fast. 


Regional Workout #1


For time:
Run 1000 meters
30 Handstand push-ups
Row 1000 meters


Can't do a HSPU? We will find you a challenging sub.


This workout should take less than 10 minutes!


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Just for fun, I pulled up WOD 1 scores for the women in the Southeast Regional (an arbitrary choice among the regions that already competed), and none of the women finished in under 10 minutes! So I'm willing to place a bet (at any odds) that this will take me more than 10 minutes :-)

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