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Another awesome day of lifting!!! I saw some great progress and huge numbers! Badass all around.



For my desk bound computer peoples...

Here is a video of a lecture at Google from Kelly Starrett (owner of San Francisco CrossFit, mobility guru, and founder of www.mobilitywod.com) on how to improve your life at your desk so it doesn't negatively impact your health and well-being. For those of you who sit down all day, you know how locked up you can feel by the end of the day. There are some great tips here to help you out.



So starting this week we will begin benchmark Wednesdays.

What is benchmark Wednesdays?
Crossfit.com has many workouts that are known as "benchmarks". An example of this would be "Fran" or "Murph". Some are named after fallen heroes, others are named after girls similar to hurricanes.
Benchmark workouts are valuable because overtime we will repeat many of them. This will give you a great opportunity to see your progress and compare times.



Workout for Tomorrow:

5 rounds for time:

Run 400 meters
30 Box Jumps 24"
30 Wall Ball Shots

Keep in mind the standards. These are really important so that we can compare your score for next time.


Also their will be a cut off (depends how the instructor feels its going) on this workout so push hard to get it done!





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I was expecting to see a picture of the 4:30 class "Chalktastrophie".

YES! So excited for Benchmark Wednesdays!

Awesome idea! Wonder if we should rotate the day of week every few weeks (eg, next 4 weeks Wed; following 4 Tues; following 4 Thurs) so that folks who can't/don't come on a particular day get some benchmarks. For instance, in the fall/winter, I usually have volleyball matches on Wed night ... the softball team plays(ed?) wednesdays... Looking forward to tonight, though this looks to be one of the longest non-hero benchmarks!

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