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I hope that everyone had a great weekend!




Jess got her first muscle up this Saturday. Congrats!






Workout for Tomorrow:


Pistol practice 

HandStand Push Up practice 


Fran with a twist


21 Thrusters

 21 Pull Ups

Sprint 200 meter's

15 Thrusters

15 Pull Ups

Sprint 200 meter's

9 Thrusters

9 Pull Ups

Sprint 200 meter's


Here's the catch:


For each time you drop the bar or drop off the bar during this workout you owe 10 Burpees with a maximum of 50 available.

Quick way to work on your Pistol:


Photo Photo


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Jes, congrats again on the muscle up! As far as tomorrow's WOD, can I just do my 50 burpees now and get them out of the way? :-)

Heh-- I read the workout the same way -- a terrible Fran variation, followed by 50 burpees.

Congrats on your muscle up Jess!


It was one of the happiest moments of my life. When I came into the gym I was dreaming of doing a pullup and I never thought I would be strong enough to do this.

Thank you Alex, Mickey, Dheeraj, and Trevor for helping me get the muscle-up!!

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