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Benchmark day 1 in the books! Great job for those of you who came in and got after it today. Remember these workouts and record them. You will see these again.




Justin got his first muscle up!!!!!! (Plus a bunch more)



10,000 burpee penalty for the "Chalktastrophe" the other day from the 4:30 class (thanks Tom for naming the incident)





Workout for Tomorrow:




Bench Press (yup I know I know we never bench). 


Presses in any direction will improve your overall pressing strength. Plus you never know when you may get stuck under a car or have to push a bully away....benching can help. Not to mention for those of you who care it is beach season. 



Complete max reps of a clean and jerk in 1 minute, immediately after the minute is over hold a hollow rock for 30 seconds....rest 1 minute and repeat for a total of 5 cycles. 

The penalty for breaking the hollow rock in the 30 second time frame is 1 400 meter run. The runs (possible runs) are to be done after the workout is over. 


The weight should be challenging but movable. 


I'll explain why I put this video up in class




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Way to MU it Justin! big day

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