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The gym was kicking ass all day today!!! Great stuff!




Have an injury??? Don't let that stop you! We will find a way to have you do a workout, regardless.



Check out David's one legged "Fran"




The "Suns Out Guns Out" 4:30 Crew working out in 95 degree weather:









Workout for Tomorrow:



Clean for doubles at a moderately heavy weight



15 Minute AMRAP of:


5 Deadlifts @ 225

10 KB Swings @ 2 pood

20 Jumps over the bar....one is one

















I hope that everyone had a great weekend!




Jess got her first muscle up this Saturday. Congrats!






Workout for Tomorrow:


Pistol practice 

HandStand Push Up practice 


Fran with a twist


21 Thrusters

 21 Pull Ups

Sprint 200 meter's

15 Thrusters

15 Pull Ups

Sprint 200 meter's

9 Thrusters

9 Pull Ups

Sprint 200 meter's


Here's the catch:


For each time you drop the bar or drop off the bar during this workout you owe 10 Burpees with a maximum of 50 available.

Quick way to work on your Pistol:


Photo Photo


Please keep in mind that the Crossfit Games are July 29th-31st. I would highly recommend to find a few other members to ride down with. Hotels are all over the place, we are staying in Torrance. 


The event will be awesome and a really motivating experience. If you are interested in going let's start a little sign up sheet on the whiteboard to see if we can put together some carpooling.


The CrossFit Games




The CrossFit Games are the world’s premier test to find the fittest on Earth. The Games season is a grueling multi-stage journey that culminates in the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games on July 29-31 at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California.

Fitness means being ready for the unknown and unknowable, so the workouts change every year and are not announced until just before the events start. For more information, see the History of the Games.

What is CrossFit?
CrossFit is an evidence-based fitness program. We define fitness as increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Capacity is the ability to do real work, which should be measurable. Life is unpredictable (much more so than sport), so real world fitness must be broad and not specialized. Our workouts are designed to maximize this broad, inclusive fitness.

Stage One: The CrossFit Games Open
This year, the Games season began with the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games Open, a six-week online competition with one workout per week. The Open started on March 15 and ran through to May 1. Over 26,000 athletes from around the world took part. Athletes could do the workouts at their local affiliate, or film their attempt from their garage gym.All scores and videos were submitted to the Open website, allowing athletes to track how they matched up with athletes in their region and around the world.

The athletes were divided into three categories: Individual, Team, and Masters. For the first time in Games history, the Masters category includes four age divisions: 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, and 60 plus. Masters athletes competed to be among the fittest 20 athletes in their division, and the successful few earned a spot in the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Individual athletes and teams must progress through two stages of screening before reaching the Games: the Open and Regionals. Anyone can compete in the Open, but only the fittest 60 men, 60 women, and 30 teams from each of the world’s 17 regions are invited to compete at their Regional.

Stage Two: Regionals
Over the course of three days, the Regionals will run their athletes through a brutal combination of workouts to test the breadth of the athletes’ physical and mental capacities. Here athletes will give their all--for at the end of the weekend, no more than three men, three women, and three teams will be invited to the Games.  

Each weekend from May 27 and June 19, CrossFit HQ will hold Regional competitions for the 17 regions of the world. First up, we have Australia, Canada West, Australia, North Central and South East (May 27-29). Next, it’s Northern California, Mid Atlantic, Europe, and Canada East (June 3-5). Third, it’s Africa, Asia, North West, South West, and Central East (June 10-12). Last, we have the North East, Latin America, Southern California, and South Central (June 17-19).

The format of the 2011 Regionals will be similar to last year. Athletes and spectators will gather at one venue--and watch as the competitors hit the workouts in heats and are judged by Level 1 trainers. As interest in the sport of fitness has increased so has the size of the venues. This year, Regional competitions will be held at a variety of different venues such as Navy Pier in Chicago and the Oakland Farm and Ranch in Tomball, Texas.

Regionals are the first stage of live competition. Seeing athletes from around the region come together to compete head-to-head gives Regionals a whole different flavor from the Open. We will be providing constant coverage of the Regional competition so that fans who are unable to attend will be kept up to date. 

Stage Three: The Games
The 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games will be held at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California for the second consecutive year. The ultimate test begins on Friday, July 29th and doesn’t stop until Sunday, July 31st.

At the center of the arena, the Games competitors will have to prove that they are not only fit but capable of handling the unknown. No one knows what the events will be. Every year the events are different. The best movements to test for fitness are a combination of gymnastics, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, jumping rope, climbing ropes, lengthy runs, and a vast amount of pure grunt work such as getting sandbags over a wall. But athletes never know what is required. In 2008, there was the hill. In 2009, there was the spike drive. In 2010, athletes had to do ring handstand push-ups and clear the 12-foot wall. 
Only one thing is certain, each athlete will be thoroughly tested on their journey to be named the fittest man and fittest woman on Earth.

Fans from around the world will be able to keep up through our constant coverage and live streaming of the events. 



Workout for Tomorrow:



11:00am Team Workout with Sal



Accomplishing goals


It is really cool to see everyone set goals and work their butts off to meet them. Today, I saw this on the whiteboard:


Jessica did the workout with 200 "boy pushups!" That is a badass accomplishment! Be proud of your accomplishments, no matter how big or small!!!




Schedule for Tomorrow:


Class tomorrow at 10:30am. See you there!!!




Workout for Tomorrow:



I will come up with something fun!




Happy Friday! Let's finish off the week strong.



Huge shout-out to Sarah. She entered the Strong Man/Woman competition today at Google. By the way, she won!!!! Check out this video of her in the 300lb tire flip event.



Workout for Tomorrow:


Before you look at the workout, check out this video (Thanks, Tom for the video!)... You might get so pumped up you might start spontaneously working out. I'm doing squats and pounding my chest right now! By the way, this might be our new warmup. 





We haven't really gone long this week. So here it is:


4 Rounds for time of:


Run 400 meters

5 Rounds of Cindy (Cindy is 5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Squats)




Today, Dana and I went to a health fair at a local corporation. It was a great experience. We got to meet a lot of cool people and talk about CrossFit. One of the biggest comments we get is that CrossFit looks really intimidating. I can definitely understand why. You see people working out in a warehouse getting down and dirty, lifting heavy objects, performing challenging movements, and working extremely hard.

I was asked what is the appeal of this in comparison to other types of training. There is no doubt that people understand how and why CrossFit is so effective. But the one of the things that I feel truly makes CrossFit different is the community.

I kept finding myself explaining how great of a "team" we have in Mountain View and Santa Clara and how awesome the people are. I know that many of you felt overwhelmed your first couple of weeks, but you weren't going through it alone. As time goes on, I see many of you with the confidence and ability to help coach others going through the same process. It is really awesome to see. You get to meet so many cool and interesting people that come from all different backgrounds and come together under one roof to the same goal.

So I guess this is just a long winded way of saying how badass our crew is and how much fun everyone makes the experience at our gym!




Boy bands are back! and have taken over... golf?






Workout for Tomorrow:

Front Squat Heavy for 3 Reps

Back Squat the same weight for 5 reps right after

Repeat this cycle 5 times


Quick Burner!


Thruster @ 95#'s



Nice work today! For many of you, working olympic lifting style deadlifts (the first pull) was new.

I thought everyone did a really nice job accomplishing what we were getting after. We spent quite a lot of time working on positioning. Next time we see this, we will work a little more on the approach to the lift and also work heavier loads.


Here is a look at US Olympian Kendrick Farris performing the snatch grip deadlift. Take a look at the back angle and positioning that he is able to maintain. 







Workout for Tomorrow:



Sprint Work (yes it has to get done)

8   60 meter sprints (its only 60 guys)


40 x


Max Rounds in 7 minutes of:

5 Power Snatches @ 135#'s (must receive in a quarter squat)

10 Sit Ups 


Max Rounds in 7 Minutes of:

1 Prowler Push 

10 KB swings @ 2 pood


Pick either one you want to go first....just hit it hard!



Question: Which method of weight lifting do you thing Russ chose to get 235# overhead? 


Answer: Strict press

Rational reaction to such information: Holy crap!!!

Russ' reaction: "I'm having an off day" (about 20# shy of his PR... I'd like to see him lift when he's having a good day!)


Ya, he could most likely strict press you, no joke. He is a strong man.





The 4:30 crew working some 7 minute abs post workout... 



Please remember that today was focusing on pull two and three of the snatch. 

Tomorrow we will be focusing on Pull 1. Lets remember that pull 1 is simply a positioning pull to get you from the floor to your jumping position at mid thigh aka the pockets. 



Workout for Tomorrow:



Snatch grip Deadlifts heavy! Remember that on the snatch unlike the powerlifting deadlift we are looking for more of a "squat" starting position. 


Are you ever going to snatch what you can deadlift? The answer should be no....therefore it is not as important to engage our hamstrings for a stronger pull as it is to set ourselves in a good position to jump. This position comes from a more squat like deadlift position....we then maintain this position until we hit mid thigh...then the jump begins and the hips extend. 



Row 250 meter's hard!


4 rounds of:

20 Push Press w/ 45#'s

20 Back Squats w/45#'s

20 Behind the Neck Push Presses w/45's


Row 250 meter's hard!






Why I love sports...


(I know, it's a selfish plug, but it is a great underdog story!)


Earlier in the year, the Cal baseball team received the news that the university was cutting 108 year old baseball program due to budget restrictions. As a former Cal baseball player, I was heartbroken. I could only imagine what the current players were going through. They never gave up hope. They raised almost $15 million to reinstate the program, which they successfully accomplished. 

Unfortunately, in the process, a few star players transfered to other schools. They lost out on a big recruiting class. Just like any great underdog story, none of this seemed to matter. No one told them they weren't supposed to win. They pulled off a victory tonight, and as a result, are advancing to the College World Series!!!!

It was so much fun being there tonight! GO BEARS!!!




Jojo out and about reppin the KI shirt... I am impressed how he is leaning with the tower.




Workout for Tomorrow:


This week is Snatch week....everyday we will do some type of snatch


We will be performing the Hang Squat Snatch. This is a useful tool to learn how to get under the bar. In addition, many of you get messed up when starting from the floor....tomorrow we will start higher to hopefully get a few of you to understand the 2nd and 3rd pulls. More on that tomorrow!





Hang Squat Snatch  95#'s

Pull Up 


Immediately after sprint 400 meters


This should be a fast intense workout!


Haven't been in the gym in a while?


Making up every excuse possible why you can't?


Check out Sam...A participant at the Crossfit Certification Jason is working this weekend. He is 66 yrs old and rocking it. Yes guys that's a legit kipping pull up, he did 8 in a row today. 




Stop thinking of reasons not to come in and simply walk in the door, we will take care of the rest.



Workout for Tomorrow:



Team workout at 11:00am with Sal