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Chalk, what is it good for?...


How much chalk is enough?

A thin layer of chalk goes a long way. Chalk is intended to dry the hands and prevent moisture from making a pullup bar or barbell from feeling slippery. When you chalk up, your hands should feel dry and may appear to have a slight amount on them. You should not look like you have Michael Jackson's favorite gloves on after an application.


Can you have too much chalk on your hands?

Absolutely!!! Excessive chalk can also work against you. As it gets wet, it can turn pasty and cause more slippage. It can also make a mess around the gym... I hear that coaches don't really enjoy having to clean it up...


Are you a chalk abuser?????

Look, you are not a bad person if you are. We will not think any less of you. The first step is to admit you have a problem. There is hope! A good way to tell if you have a problem is if you go from pullups to push ups and it looks like you left a crime scene, maybe you used a little too much. 


Crime scene.





Don't have time to make it to the gym???


Hit up your local track and do some sprints!

A quick 400 meter warm up with some hamstring stretches, lunges, squats, high knees, hip flexor stretches and you are good to go!


Try 400 meter run (sprint) with a 400 meter jog for 4 rounds

You can also try 200 meter sprint with a 200 meter jog for 4 rounds

Be creative.


All in all you can get in and get out within 30 minutes easy....try not to make excuses, show up, sprint your ass off and go home happy.




Workout for Tomorrow:



Let's get a hero workout in tomorrow


Sal will choose one based on which one they see will most benefit the class.....get excited to come in and hit a little bit of a longer workout. It's a great way to start a Saturday!





We got in some more equipment this week. We have a few more barbells coming in (including 2 or 3, 33# women's oly bars). I am also working on bringing in more toys...




Meet Tony, Top Gun Rower...


Suns out guns out, Maverick style ...


Quick Squat Talk:




Workout for Tomorrow:


No Burpees I promise... 

Shoulder Press heavy


A conditioning workout with some kind of push and pull in it. To be decided by the instructor. Have some fun and come in to see what happens....maybe its 1 push up and 1 pull up for time...who know's


Effort, persistence, hard work, and POSITIVE ATTITUDE...


We said it yesterday, but you will get out of CrossFit what you put into it.

For everyone who is new to the intensity of CrossFit or are struggling with certain movements, don't give up on it! All you need to do is give your best effort. Put in the work and you will improve. It can be as simple as trying to push a little harder during the workouts or spending the time to practice skills that you need to improve.


Also, believe in your ability!!! Maybe the skills aren't always there (yet), but have the confidence that you can get through the workouts and that you will improve on what needs work.


Check out this video... So much truth to this:


What a great attitude to have! 





Cool graph. Really starts to put things in perspective when you think about how long it has really been since humans have eaten processed foods.


Food is a huge deal....if you are stuck in a rut and don't know why, first thing to check is how you are eating.


Please research the effects of carbohydrate intake, all of the banana's, bread's, sugary salad dressings you may be eating really aren't a great choice. Sugar is sugar (carbs are carbs). 







Workout for Tomorrow:


5 rounds of:


backsquat 5 reps 

walking lunge 6 steps

backsquat 5 reps


Rest as needed in between each round....the weight should be heavy and very very challenging!



Max Distance Row in 3 minutes (should be about 1000 meters)  

Max Burpees in 3 minutes




What do CrossFitters do with their Google bikes? 


Overhead squat them!!!!


Such an Awesome picture!



Are you working as hard as you can during your workouts???

Effort is directly Correlated to Results:



Jason drew this up on the board today and thought it was kind of a cool reminder to all of you. The best motivator is yourself, come in prepared to kick some ass tomorrow. I hope you are at work right now getting all ampt'd up!!!


What you put in is what you get out of Crossfit. Please remember to eat well, train hard, and ultimately live better.



Workout for Tomorrow:


4 Rounds for time of:

20 push ups

20 sit ups 




2 Rounds for time of:

Run 200 meter's

20 Deadlift's @ 155#'s

Run 200 meter's

10 Power Clean's @ 155#'s

Run 200 meter's

5 Snatches @ 155#'s


If you are unable to perform this workout at 155/105 then please adjust to a weight that will be challenging for the DL and Clean's, if we have to we can set up a separate bar for the snatches. 



Great day of heavy olympic lifting! Congrats on all of the PR's!!!!!



The many faces of Crossfit...gotta love it!








From Adam Saucedo Sports Psychology Consultant:



Having difficulty pushing yourself throughout your entire CrossFit workouts? Learn how to break through your mental barriers at a three-part workshop of how Sport Psychology skills can assist you in your current CrossFit program. Whether you are trying to compete or better your personal bests, this workshop is for youI will be offering a three-part workshop designed to teach and implement mental skillsto enhance your CrossFit training and performance. The workshop includes an in-depth presentation of Sport and Exercise Psychology theories and techniques adapted specifically forthe CrossFit population, as well as interactive participation in group exercises and discussions.All sessions will end with a comprehensive question and answer portion. The workshop willtake place in a classroom setting at the Health E Centric store located at 212 N. Santa Cruz Ave.Los Gatos, CA.

The charge for the full workshop, including materials, is $100 to be paid in advance via PayPal.While the workshop is intended to be comprised of the three sessions, the individual sessions,and corresponding materials, are designed to stand alone. If you are unable to attend all threesessions, you can sign up for one or two sessions at a charge of $50 each, which includes a fullset of materials. In addition, if you are unable to attend all three sessions, you will be able to contact me via email for clarification of any of the materials pertaining to the session(s) you are unable to attend. There is a limited amount of availability, so please sign-up at your earliest convenience. Once you have signed up, please email which dates you would like to attend. Ifyou have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Workshop Dates:
Session #1: June 16th or June 23rd
Session #2: July 14th or July 21st
Session #3: August 18th or August 25th


I am a huge fan of Adam's and also believe that Crossfit is hugely a mental game. If you are stuck and want to try and see if you can break through some barriers, Adam would be a great guy to go see.


Please visit SaucedoSportPysch.com for full details and to sign up. 




Workout for Tomorrow:


50 Box jumps, 24 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 45 pounds
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
50 Burpees
50 Double unders


Train hard, eat well, feel great!


What a great weekend! Thanks to all of the Santa Clara and Mountain View crew who sat through the pouring rain to cheer on the team and individual competitors! We really have a great community! Thanks for all of the support!!!






About 5,000 people from Nor Cal did the online qualifiers, the top 60 men and women made it to this weekend for individuals. The top 30 teams made it. This weekend was the competition to send the top 3 men, women, and teams to the CrossFit Games in Carson, CA in July.




Our gyms came out strong this weekend. Our team battled to make the cut to advance to the final day, thanks to some incredible performances! The team took first place in workout #3 of 6 by a longshot! Great work by Alex E., Jaime, Rick, Hillary, Meredythe, and Kimmy. They finished in the top 10.


And congratulations to Jason Khalipa for winning first place!!!!!!!!!!!

Get ready to cheer him on at the CrossFit Games in July in Southern California. The games are a blast! You should make an excuse to go down and watch. These athletes are truly inspiring.



A few pics of the Team during the last event (other events to come soon)









Workout for Tomorrow:



Find a new Clean and Jerk PR (full squat)



5 Rounds for time of: 

6 Burpee Pull Ups

10 Push Press @ 115#'s


This should take about 7 minutes 




CrossFit Mountain View will be closed this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


If you would like to work out, Santa Clara is hosting classes with the normal schedule. Hope to see you at the games!!!!!




Games' heat(s) information and times:




FREE Progenex/KI athletics shirts are in!

Please only pick one up if you plan to go to the Nor Cal Regionals this weekend of the Crossfit Games in July. 

If we still have extra's we will be handing them out.




Workout for Tomorrow (SANTA CLARA ONLY):



Power Clean Heavy!



Perform the following for time:

250 meter row 

20 Toes to Bar

10 Clean and Jerk's @ 135#'s 


Rest 1 minute and repeat for a total of 4 rounds.





Schedule for Friday, Saturday and Sunday...

CrossFit Mountain View is Closed this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:
We will be close Friday, Saturday, and Sunday due to the Regionals... Check out a class in Santa Clara if you want to get a workout in!
Santa Clara:
Despite the CrossFit Games Regional competition occurring this weekend, we will tentatively have a normal schedule for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We will let you know as soon as possible if anything changes.

CrossFit Games Regional Scheduling and General Information:

Welcome to the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games – Nor Cal Regionals!

Venue Map (Click to enlarge)

Yep, it's probably going to rain a bit. We'll be embracing the unknown and unknowable weather, so please plan accordingly.

Weekend Timeline of Events

Friday AM
7:00-8:30 Athlete Registration (Reebok Athlete Entrance)
9:00-9:30 Athlete Briefing (40x20 Reebok Athlete tent)
9:45 AM Announcement for spectators to take seats
9:45 AM Judges Staged (Lined-up at the rear of the 30x30 *Competition Entrance)
9:50 AM Athletes Staged (Lined-up at the rear of the 30x30 Competition Entrance)
*Competition Entrance tent is where athletes will check-in 15 minutes prior to events throughout weekend. 

Opening Ceremony
10:00 Opening remarks and welcome Guests of Honor: CrossFit, Inc., SCCFG, Reebok, Rogue, Planning Team, Fans (Regional Director, Andy Boone)
10:05 Judges Enter
10:05 Introduce MC
10:06 Athlete Introductions (Nor Cal MC, TJ Belger)
10:16 Athletes standing shoulder to shoulder, call for audience to rise
10:17 Presentation of Colors
10:19 National Anthem
10:22 Athletes exit back through competition tent (reverse order)
10:23-10:28 Judges assemble for Heat 1
10:29:57 3-2-1 Go
10:30 Heat 1 begins

Heat Times

Friday : Workout 1
10:30-11:10 Team Heat 1
11:10-11:50 Team Heat 2
11:50-12:30 Team Heat 3
12:30-12:50 Break
12:50-1:10 Women Heat 1
1:10-1:30 Women Heat 2
1:30-1:50 Women Heat 3
1:50-2:00 Break
2:00-2:20 Men Heat 1
2:20-2:40 Men Heat 2
2:40-3:00 Men Heat 3
3:00-3:20 Break

Friday : Workout 2
3:20-3:50 Team Women
3:50-4:30 Ind. Women
4:30-4:50 Break
4:50-5:20 Team Men
5:20-6:00 Ind. Men

Saturday : Workout 3
9:00-9:25 Team Heat 1
9:25-9:50 Team Heat 2
9:50-10:15 Team Heat 3
10:15-10:30 Break
10:30-10:45 Women Heat 1
10:45-11:00 Women Heat 2
11:00-11:15 Women Heat 3
11:15-11:30 Break
11:30-11:45 Men Heat 1
11:45-12:00 Men Heat 2
12:00-12:15 Men Heat 3
12:15-12:35 Break

Saturday : Workout 4
12:35-1:15 Team Heat 1
1:15-1:55 Team Heat 2
1:55-2:35 Team Heat 3
2:35-2:50 Break
2:50-3:20 Women Heat 1
3:20-3:50 Women Heat 2
3:50-4:20 Women Heat 3
4:20-4:35 Break
4:35-5:05 Men Heat 1
5:05-5:35 Men Heat 2
5:35-6:05 Men Heat 3

Sunday : Workout 5
9:00-9:25 Team Heat 1
9:25-9:50 Team Heat 2
9:50-10:00 Break
10:00-10:20 Women Heat 1
10:20-10:40 Women Heat 2
10:40-10:50 Break
10:50-11:10 Men Heat 1
11:10-11:30 Men Heat 2
11:30-11:40 Break

Sunday : Workout 6
11:40-12:05 Team Heat 1
12:05-12:30 Team Heat 2
12:30-12:40 Break
12:40-1:05 Women Heat 1
1:05-1:20 Break
1:20-1:45 Men Heat 1
1:45-2:00 Break
2:00-2:25 Women Heat 2
2:25-2:40 Break
2:40-3:05 Men Heat 2





Workout for tomorrow:

Deadlift heavy, sets of 3
In between each set hold the hollow rock for 30 seconds
Repeat this cycle 7 times
Rest as needed



Partner "Isabel"-ish
Complete as many reps between the two of you as possible in 7 minutes of power snatches at 135#

If you don't have a partner, complete 30 reps for time.