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Question: Which method of weight lifting do you thing Russ chose to get 235# overhead? 


Answer: Strict press

Rational reaction to such information: Holy crap!!!

Russ' reaction: "I'm having an off day" (about 20# shy of his PR... I'd like to see him lift when he's having a good day!)


Ya, he could most likely strict press you, no joke. He is a strong man.





The 4:30 crew working some 7 minute abs post workout... 



Please remember that today was focusing on pull two and three of the snatch. 

Tomorrow we will be focusing on Pull 1. Lets remember that pull 1 is simply a positioning pull to get you from the floor to your jumping position at mid thigh aka the pockets. 



Workout for Tomorrow:



Snatch grip Deadlifts heavy! Remember that on the snatch unlike the powerlifting deadlift we are looking for more of a "squat" starting position. 


Are you ever going to snatch what you can deadlift? The answer should be no....therefore it is not as important to engage our hamstrings for a stronger pull as it is to set ourselves in a good position to jump. This position comes from a more squat like deadlift position....we then maintain this position until we hit mid thigh...then the jump begins and the hips extend. 



Row 250 meter's hard!


4 rounds of:

20 Push Press w/ 45#'s

20 Back Squats w/45#'s

20 Behind the Neck Push Presses w/45's


Row 250 meter's hard!






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