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That wasn't so bad, was it??? Great job on today's workout!


Question for comments:

Are there any other class times that you would like to see added to the schedule? For example: 9am? 11am? 3:30pm?


I just want to get some feedback to see if there is any interest...




The 8am crew working the turkish get up



Jason and the 8am dog, Bailey in a deep conversation. They speak daily, only they know what its about.




Workout for Tomorrow:



Prowler Push extremely heavy (You can get in small teams and work short 10 yard pushes at very heavy weights, 10 yards should feel like 100)



Complete the following for time, rest 1 minute and repeat for a total of 4 times.


5 Burpees 

10 Power Snatches @ 95#'s

5 Burpees 


The weight on the snatches should be light enough to move fast with.



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Bailey is too cute!!!!!!!!

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