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Today, Dana and I went to a health fair at a local corporation. It was a great experience. We got to meet a lot of cool people and talk about CrossFit. One of the biggest comments we get is that CrossFit looks really intimidating. I can definitely understand why. You see people working out in a warehouse getting down and dirty, lifting heavy objects, performing challenging movements, and working extremely hard.

I was asked what is the appeal of this in comparison to other types of training. There is no doubt that people understand how and why CrossFit is so effective. But the one of the things that I feel truly makes CrossFit different is the community.

I kept finding myself explaining how great of a "team" we have in Mountain View and Santa Clara and how awesome the people are. I know that many of you felt overwhelmed your first couple of weeks, but you weren't going through it alone. As time goes on, I see many of you with the confidence and ability to help coach others going through the same process. It is really awesome to see. You get to meet so many cool and interesting people that come from all different backgrounds and come together under one roof to the same goal.

So I guess this is just a long winded way of saying how badass our crew is and how much fun everyone makes the experience at our gym!




Boy bands are back! and have taken over... golf?






Workout for Tomorrow:

Front Squat Heavy for 3 Reps

Back Squat the same weight for 5 reps right after

Repeat this cycle 5 times


Quick Burner!


Thruster @ 95#'s



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I second everything Alex said about the wonderful crossfit community at CFMV/CFSC and how important that is (as well as the great coaching). Common on, without that who would ever come in knowing you were going to do a sequence of 20-15-10-5 of thrusters/burpees.

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