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Today there were some great lifting sessions! So many of you are improving drastically on the Olympic lifts. Much of this is simply derived from more repetitions. 




Thinking and weightlifting:


Have you noticed that they don't really go together? Try and avoid doing both at the same time! I know it is tough when the lifts are new to you. There is a time to think and there is a time to simply let your athleticism take over and just lift. As long as you are moving safely, go after it. Thinking while lifting will tend to slow you down and cause you to move in unnatural movement patterns or cause an individual to move a little disconnectedly. 


Approach a lift is to have a vision of what you are going to do before the lift. Then, maybe keep in mind one big thing you need to work on just before you start setting up (keeping the arms long through the 2nd pull, for example). Don't try and fix 5 bad habits all at once. As you begin the setup process (stance first, grip next, then positioning), try and clear your mind completely and think about absolutely nothing! Just get fired up and GO! Afterwards, we can analyze the lift and go from there.


Try it out. Trust your movement and the skill work that you have put in. Remember that these are natural movements, let the body do its thing.


Also, find a pre-lift routine that works for you allows you to make these things happen. There are many ways to approach the same thing and everyone will get ready a bit differently. Have you ever noticed in baseball that every batter will have their own distinct way to get ready for a pitch?





A couple of ways to open up the shoulder:


Photo Photo Photo



Workout for Tomorrow:


3 Rounds for time of:


5 Shoulder Press @ 135#'s

20 Double Under's


The goal of this workout is to develop some pressing strength and also work on your coordination. The press should be challenging!









You guys didn't think that was it did you?



5 Rounds for time of:


Run 400 meter's

30 Wall Ball Shots


All Wall Balls should be unbroken......dropping the ball is a penalty and you must begin your wall balls over again.


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Trying to make us happy next time when it's "just" a burpee penalty? This workout might never end.

Okay, so it wasn't as bad as it sounded, and we all finished!

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