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Why I love sports...


(I know, it's a selfish plug, but it is a great underdog story!)


Earlier in the year, the Cal baseball team received the news that the university was cutting 108 year old baseball program due to budget restrictions. As a former Cal baseball player, I was heartbroken. I could only imagine what the current players were going through. They never gave up hope. They raised almost $15 million to reinstate the program, which they successfully accomplished. 

Unfortunately, in the process, a few star players transfered to other schools. They lost out on a big recruiting class. Just like any great underdog story, none of this seemed to matter. No one told them they weren't supposed to win. They pulled off a victory tonight, and as a result, are advancing to the College World Series!!!!

It was so much fun being there tonight! GO BEARS!!!




Jojo out and about reppin the KI shirt... I am impressed how he is leaning with the tower.




Workout for Tomorrow:


This week is Snatch week....everyday we will do some type of snatch


We will be performing the Hang Squat Snatch. This is a useful tool to learn how to get under the bar. In addition, many of you get messed up when starting from the floor....tomorrow we will start higher to hopefully get a few of you to understand the 2nd and 3rd pulls. More on that tomorrow!





Hang Squat Snatch  95#'s

Pull Up 


Immediately after sprint 400 meters


This should be a fast intense workout!



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